Sermorelin / GRF 1-29

The first “of its kind”, sermorelin is the original growth hormone releasing hormone secretagogue “blueprint” on which all other GHRH products were later to be based.

This peptide is designed to mimic the effects of growth hormone releasing hormone by releasing somatropin (growth hormone) from the body’s somatotropic cells.

Over the course of this profile, we’re going to go into great detail on every aspect of its functionality, the effects it’ll exert within your body and more importantly how it can benefit you when used responsibly.

What Is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is officially classed as a peptide. These special protein derivatives contain unique amino acid “codes” that unlock neurological responses within the system.

We’ll first cover precisely what makes a peptide its namesake before further exploring exactly how sermorelin exerts its effects within the body.

What Are Peptides?

As previously stated, peptides are closely related to proteins – the reason why they are not classed as proteins is that they do not contain 50 or more amino acids.

This makes them a simplified protein variant, one that has a more “cut back” purpose within the body.

In total, there are 20 different amino acids. They all have vastly different properties and exert different effects within the system.

Whilst a protein may contain 50 or more amino acids, the balance of the amino acids it contains ultimately determines what kind of impact it will have on the body.

The same goes for peptides too; amino acids can lead to everything from CNS (Central Nervous System) responses to the replenishment and evolution of organ tissue and muscle cells.

We can only synthesize 11 of these 20 amino acids on our own using our internal mechanisms; we need to source the other 9 (known as essential amino acids because they are essential components of our nutritional intake) from food meaning that the “spectrum” of benefits on offer by the proteins and peptides we naturally produce are somewhat resigned to the effects on offer with these 11 acid types only.

Bioengineering allows us to combine these 11 man-made amino acids with any number of the other 9 essential amino acids to produce compounds that are capable of exerting varying effects on the body.

Not only that, but we can actually choose to alter the structure of either essential or nonessential amino acids, further manipulating the effects they can exert.

Regardless of the manner in which a peptide or protein is created (either naturally occurring or unnaturally synthesised in a laboratory) the crux of the entire operational efforts of these molecules is indeed the amino acid code contained within.

As previously stated, these individual acids can lead to any one of several responses within the body – combining them together can exert either multiple or one primary effect.

It’s still not entirely known how certain amino acid sequences can lead to certain effects occurring.

Being that amino acids are considered to be the “building blocks” of the human body, it is perhaps possible that each and every hormone/enzyme contains its own unique amino acid “code”, and once discovered, the effects of said hormone or enzyme can be recreated/replicated.

That certainly appears to be the case in this instance, because the 29 amino acid code contained within sermorelin directly mimics the effects of growth hormone-releasing hormone.

In short, it would seem that the above code is in fact growth hormone releasing hormone – or at least, the body believes it is. This is precisely how and why it exerts its effects within the body.

When ingested, the central nervous system responds as though “biological” GHRH is present, subsequently starting a chain of events that leads to the release of growth hormone.

We’ll now proceed to analyse this chain of events further so that you can understand precisely what sermorelin is.

The Effects Of Sermorelin

In this section, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive overview of the effects that sermorelin is capable of exerting within the body both positive and negative.

We’re going to begin by analyzing the difference between peptides and anabolic steroids.

This will help you to distinguish the two product types as they often get mistaken for one another (owing to the fact that they are so frequently used together.)

Once you understand the difference, you’ll be able to see more clearly how you might combine them to achieve optimum results whilst on cycle.

Health benefits of Sermorelin

Benefits of using Sermorelin Acetate

  • Increase Growth of Lean Muscles
  • Improved Workout & Recovery
  • Increase Level of Energy & Stamina
  • Increase Muscle Mass & Definition
  • Increase Bone Mineralization & Health
  • Improved Regulation of Other Hormones
  • Boost Healthy Levels of Growth Hormone

Those are a few of the most commonly reported benefits are increased growth of the lean muscles, increased levels of energy, and vastly improved tone of the muscles. The easiest way to understand the mechanisms of Sermorelin is to recognize Human Growth Hormone as the most essential hormone manufactured in the human body in terms of growth and correct development. It is mostly made up of 191 amino-type acids crucial to the ability of a human being to function properly on a daily basis. The supplement Sermorelin is an artificial means by which usage of Human Growth Hormone can be regulated inside the body.

Sermorelin and Hormones. Physicians now realize the importance of using hormone replacement to assist hormonal regulation in the body and the effects hormonal imbalance has on the body's systems and functions. Numerous adverse health problems have been shown to develop when the hormones of the body are not properly regulated, production declines or ceases. Excessive weight gain, fatigue bordering on exhaustion, muscle loss, mood swings, body temperature irregularities, sleep disturbance and lowered sex drive are some of the common symptoms that arise with hormone imbalance or deficiency.

Physicians Prescribe Sermorelin. A licensed medical doctor normally prescribes a supplemental hormone like Sermorelin to kick start a sluggish pituitary gland that has stopped secreting sufficient HGH levels and as a means to better manage secretion of hormones. Injections of Sermorelin are very effective at helping the body maintain proper levels of HGH which leads to improved health, energy and vitality. Sermorelin like Human Growth Hormone itself can help prevent and reverse some of the signs and symptoms of aging.

Sermorelin Injections can Help Menopausal and Andropausal Men. Patients taking Sermorelin Injections experience improved strength, vigor, endurance, better-defined muscles, improved metabolism, ability to burn fat, better sleep and sense of well-being. Solid definition and function of the muscles are one of the main benefits bodybuilders and athletes pursue when they take mega-doses of HGH. Howver, Human Growth Hormone is not authorized for sports performance enhancement. Hormone therapy should only be used by those experiencing a hormonal imbalance or deficiency like men who are experiencing andropausal symptoms and women who are experiencing menopaus or peri-menopausal symptoms.

Sermorelin HGH Releaseing Power. Health benefits may be gained as a patient uses this surprisingly effective HGH hormone releasing medicine in a dosage that is regulated and correct. There are many good reasons to use Sermorelin properly so that you can repair and regain regulation of Human Growth Hormone. Sermorelin is also used widely to help relieve and correct a significant number of other issues as well. The condition of dwarfism occurs when children manufacture an incredibly low amount of Human Growth Hormone. The patterns of growth lag behind normal children, and the Food and Drug Administration has given the okay for physicians to prescribe Sermorelin to those who suffer from the issue of dwarfism as well as those who wish to prevent aging too prematurely. This evidence also provides a strong indication that Sermorelin might be able to combat other disorders such as Progeria. Sermorelin is also prescribed to patients with HIV so that some of the symptoms that appear as a result of HIV can be alleviated. Supplements such as Sermorelin can be helpful in treating a large, various number of disorders while also aiding other folks in their desire to make their life better so that they can feel more happy.

Sermorelin Testing for HRT. A patient has to be tested properly so that it can be determined exactly what amount of Sermorelin is needed to give relief to a patient�s particular condition. Administered injection doses have been shown to be the most useful to patients. In the late night hour as the pituitary gland is in the process of secreting growth hormone is probably the most beneficial part of the day to get your injection. Doing things in this manner help provide a cycle of sleep that is of a higher consistency, and alleviate fatigue and irritability that are very often symptoms of deficiencies of HGH. The dosage that is prescribed also is dependent upon the sex of the person and the physical condition that they are in. Levels of tolerance for the introduction of the hormone into the person should also be checked regularly so that it is insured that the lowest level of discomfort is felt when one receives his or her dose.