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Learn the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy, Testosterone Therapy, HGH Therapy, and GHRH Therapy.

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We work closely with our patients to create a unique, medically guided treatment plans
that optimize their mental acuity, body composition and performance.


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Optimal Health represents the highest achievement of an individual’s health potential. It should not be mistaken simply as freedom from disease. It refers to the physical, emotional, spiritual and social harmony that comes from a balanced life. To achieve optimal health one must consider nutrition, stress, hormonal balance, environmental factors, family history and lifestyle.

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Schedule a free consultation or call Optimal Health at 1-888-763-4221, Monday-Friday at our regular business hours. An anti-aging expert will go over your medical history and will help you complete the required forms.

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After talking to our staff about the treatment options that work best for you, our team will guide you through the required patient forms. Filling out these forms is easy and all the information you provide to us is confidential.


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Continue treatment and feel great! Optimal Health monitors all of our patients during the course of their anti-aging therapy ensuring safe and effective results. 

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For over 20 years we have offered men and women the most advanced anti-aging medicine available. With the help of our modern therapies, our patients live happier and healthier lives. Whether you feel low of energy, are struggling in the bedroom, or are trying to lose weight the experts at Optimal Health are here to help. We specialize in hormone replacement therapy and offer services to all 50 states.

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone is the dominant sex hormone in men, and it is responsible for the creation of the male sexual characteristics.

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HGH Therapy

Your pituitary gland rests at the base of your brain and it is responsible for producing many different bodily hormones.

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PowerWave for ED

For men, ED affects their overall quality of life.

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GHRH Therapy

Many men and women complain of sleep disturbances. GHRH has been used successfully to treat sleep disorders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Therapy

Human growth hormone replacement therapy works by returning your HGH levels to their optimal levels. A doctor determines this level, but it aims to match the level of HGH levels you once had when you were younger. The organs that take advantage of HGH adapt to the restored HGH level, and they return to maximum performance, as they did when you more youthful and healthier. This change results in increased stamina, stronger muscles, and bones, decreased weight, increased exercise capacity, reduced body fat, and increased muscle mass.

Yes. Most side effects that result from HGH treatment are due to abuse of the hormone and diverging from the recommended regimen. As long as you follow your uniquely tailored routine, you should see little to no side effects.

Yes. To ensure that you're treatment is in optimal condition, make sure you always read and follow the label instruction.


The duration of a human growth hormone therapy varies patient to patient. However, we typically describe hormone replacement therapy as a lifelong lifestyle change. Once you restore your hormones to their optimum levels, therapy needs to be continued to maintain these levels.

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy works by returning your testosterone levels to their optimal levels. This level is determined by a doctor, but it aims to match the level of testosterone you once had when you were younger. The organs that take advantage of testosterone adapt to the restored testosterone level and they return to maximum performance, as they did when you younger and healthier. This results in increased stamina, stronger muscles and bones, decreased weight, heightened concentration, deeper sleep, and a higher sex drive.
No. Testosterone Therapy simply replenishes your testosterone levels by making up for the testosterone your body should be making, but isn't, due to age.
The duration of testosterone therapy varies patient to patient . The full details of your treatment regimen will be determined by a specialist, ensuring safe dosages and positive results.
Yes, Optimal Health is staffed with doctors who monitor your health and progress of your hormone therapy.

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    Patient Testimonials

    We have thousands of happy patients that agree — Optimal is the leader in anti-aging medicine. For over 20 years we have offered men and women the most advanced anti-aging medicine available.



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