Men and Aging – Premature aging symptoms can occur in men who suffer from HGH Deficiency or adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD) as well as testosterone deficiency.

Human Growth Treatment formulated for men is an excellent medical therapy for men to consider who have very low levels of HGH. HGH and Testosterone work together in men for optimal sexual health. Testosterone is needed for sexual desire and to achieve an erection, Human Growth Hormone is needed to prolong erections and sustain libido. For physical strength, endurance, healthy bones and lean muscle mass, both HGH and testosterone are required.

HGH Replacement Therapy can help men who are genuinely suffering from the adverse side effects of premature aging to slow down, or even reverse age-related hormonal symptoms. HGH Therapy works well for men who wish to regain their youthful vigor, stamina, physique and sex drive. Growth Hormone Treatments can help you build muscle, burn fat to lose weight, increase your sexual desire, thicken your hair, boost energy and enhance your mood.

Are you a man suffering from any of these hormonal symptoms? HGH Therapy for Men using real injectable HGH can help!

Loss of Motivation, Energy & Depression.

Low Energy in Men

Low HGH levels in the human body has been associated with low energy levels, depression, chronic fatigue and also low motivation for embracing life vigorously. Increasing ones HGH levels through therapeutic HGH injections including a proper diet and exercise with a vitamin and mineral supplement program, has been shown to increase energy, motivation and help people overcome some of the symptoms of depression.

Loss of Muscle Mass & Tone

HGH, Exercise and Faster Healing

Low HGH levels has been associated with slow healing and recovery from exercise and general living, especially injury and surgery. People who have undergone surgery have reported better and faster healing results and shorter recovery time on average when using therapeutic HGH injections. Physicians who treat athletic sports injuries use growth hormone injections to heal the injured area faster. HGH injections help with joint repair, muscle building, muscle strength, injury and surgical recovery.

HGH Muscle Growth & Development

HGH and Building Strong Muscle

Although using HGH is specifically illegal for competitive bodybuilding, weight lifting and sports enhancement, many professional sports athletes and Olympic competitors have reported significantly faster recovery time from intense work out sessions when using HGH, including improved muscle strength and definition, increased energy levels, stamina and overall performance. Men’s muscles tend to grow and their physical endurance increases when they are taking HGH injections. When coupled with testosterone, muscle gains are even more amplified and bulk in the way of lean muscle mass gained even faster.

Insomnia, Poor Sleep, Fatigue and Feeling Extremely Tired.

Low HGH Levels in Men and Sleep problems

Many Men who have had sleep problems or feel fatigued during the day, have reported that when they used HGH they slept much deeper during their sleeping hours and were less likely to wake up feeling tired. Some men reported feeling very refreshed when they woke up in the morning after 8 to 9 hours of sleep on an HGH Treatment program involving doctor monitored HGH replacement therapy. In fact, one of the reasons men turn to their doctors for help is the symptoms of low energy, fatigue and extreme lethargy they are experiencing. HGH therapy helps normalize deep sleep patterns allowing men to get a better night’s rest. Consequently, men on growth hormone feel better during the day and perform their daily functions much like they did when they were younger.

Mood, Mental Function, Memory, Concentration & Focus

HGH impacts Mood and Memory in men

Many Men who experience serious mood swings, memory loss or mental clarity issues, have indicated that when they used HGH replacement therapy these problems were decreased or disappeared. Many men have claimed depression and loss of sexual desire were the features most improved with HGH therapy injections. Low Growth Hormone levels in men can also cause withdrawal, shyness, irritability and depression. Personal and work relationships may suffer as enthusiasm for daily life, drive and ambition become dampened. HGH for men can help increase a man’s HGH levels back up into the normal range and alleviate some of these age related debilitating symptoms.

HGH & Weight, Obesity, Gynacamastia (man boobs) and Weight Management.

Low HGH Levels and Weight Gain in Men

Unfortunately, it is typical as men age for their metabolism to slow down and for them to gain weight. As growth hormone levels decline with age, fat begins to accumulate which lowers testosterone and increases estrogen resulting in more fatty tissue formation. It is especially the adipose fatty tissue in men which accumulates around the belly, love handles, and neck area which can also contribute high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Given the poor nutrition of the average American male, obesity has gotten out of hand with 30% of American men suffering from this disease. Yes, Obesity is now categorized as a disease – obesity is a very serious problem and it has been linked to the acceleration of disease, cancer and premature aging.

HGH and a Man's Metabolism

Many variables are involved with metabolism, weight gain and weight loss. There is a very strong correlation between weight problems in men over the age of 35 and low levels of HGH. Weight loss problems may be caused by overeating but also by a hormone imbalance or deficiency. One of the positive effects of human growth hormone therapy is that it helps men lose weight by better burning fatty tissue, especially around the belly. This fat is known as adipose fatty tissue and is difficult to lose with normal exercise.

HGH Therapy for Men and Weight Loss

Hormone imbalance can cause excessive weight gain and fat accumulation. Many obese men with excess weight problems who have gone on HGH Therapy using growth hormone injections have success in regaining their normal weight. HGH helps with glucose synthesis and more effectively burning fat for fuel. Patients with too much adipose body fat have reported HGH treatment helped to reduce the adipose fat while increasing lean muscle mass. Read more about HGH injections and weight loss on the HGH Weight Loss page – Losing Weight and HGH. In addition, men with too little muscle mass have reported HGH injections along with Testosterone injections helped them to build new muscle and improve muscle tone.

HGH Male Sexual Libido, HGH & the Male Penis

HGH and Sexual desire

Loss of interest in sex or low libido is unfortunately a negative side effect of a man’s aging. Men with low libido or erectile dysfunction have reported considerable improvement in erection strength, stamina and endurance using HGH replacement therapy. Some men have reported less premature ejaculation and ability to maintain an erection for longer. HGH helps boost sexual desire, potency and frequency in men that have been experiencing lower than normal growth hormone levels. Male sexual energy is highest in the teens and 20’s when both Testosterone and HGH levels are quite high. As men age they find that their sex drive and ability to have or maintain an erection decreases. Although there are multiple factors involved in sexual dysfunction or (ED) erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation – male hormone deficiency is an important factor. A comprehensive HGH therapy program for men can help boost sexual desire and performance in men.

HGH Therapy for Older Men

Growth Hormone Replacement Effects for Aging Men

Men using HGH replacement therapy with bio-identical growth hormone injections and testosterone injections experience positive sexual improvement including a marked increase in sex drive and improved sexual function and performance. Personal and romantic relationships improve when a man has a healthy sex drive and one of the major benefits of HGH Therapy for Men is in the area of male sexual health.

HGH, Andropause and Premature Aging in Men

Men and HGH Anti-Aging

Studies have shown that chronic or persistent medical problems associated with male aging have been diminished or reversed in people using HGH Human Growth Hormone replacement therapy. As men age hormone levels decline, it has been found that men with a genuine medical deficiency in HGH have experienced the slowing down or even the reversing of many of the negative side effects of premature aging. Usually, if a man’s growth hormone levels are low, other hormones like testosterone, DHEA and others are most likely also low. That is why a balanced approach to male hormone therapy usually includes testosterone injections as well as HGH injections. When men take HGH and testosterone, their skin looks less wrinkled and dry, hair texture and hair growth is more robust and in some cases graying of hair slows down or even reverses.

Testosterone for Men vs HGH for Men

Using HGH Therapy with Testosterone for Men

HGH Therapy for Men vs Testosterone Therapy for Men Many male patients ask about taking testosterone injections with growth hormone injections. Both hormone therapies complement one another and many men who are deficient on one hormone discover after testing that they are have low levels in both. That is why a holistic approach to replacement therapy is recommended, if a prescription is required for both, your physician will prescribe a complementary dosage for both HGH and testosterone to fully optimize and balance your hormone levels.

Our Men’s Health Center offers the most effective Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Programs for men which include using prescription drugs such as real Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone injections. Our endocrinologists, urologists and age management physicians design TRT and BHRT programs that provide for lifestyle improvement, health and wellness for both men and women who want a healthier, more natural approach to treating age related hormone imbalance. Our Male Hormone Doctors are Cenegenics ® and Mayo Clinic® trained and specialize in treating low HGH, low T and erectile dysfunction by diagnosing and prescribing TRT and HGH Therapies for men with hypogonadism or Andropause. We offer best treatment in our Hormone Therapy Clinics at the best prices. Contact us today and learn everything you need to know about Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone including the benefits, side effects, risks and cost of doctor-prescribed male hormone-replacement therapy. 

Human Growth Hormone Replacement for Men

Best HGH Therapy Program for Men and Male HRT

HGH Therapy for Men: Our Growth Hormone Doctors specialize in and prescribe HGH Injection Treatment Therapy for Men and provide the best male hormone treatment in our HGH Therapy Clinics at the lowest HGH Injection Cost

The Growth Hormone Protocol for Men – HGH (somatropin) is taken daily by injection. The injections are taken subcutaneously into the fatty tissue usually around the stomach as opposed to intramuscular injections like testosterone shots. Real injectable growth hormone is the only form of HGH proven to work effectively. Alternative HGH treatments, such as supplements, HGH sprays or pills designed to stimulate HGH release, have not been proven to have any benefit in increasing IGF1 levels significantly in men.

Men with growth hormone deficiency should take HGH to balance their hormone levels, not because it is considered by many as an anti-aging therapy or miracle drug. It is true that HGH has direct positive effects on body composition, especially for men who have a significant HGH deficiency resulting in increased adipose body fat, decreased lean muscle mass and decreased bone density (Osteoporosis). Many of the physiological changes in HGH deficient men are similar to bodily changes experienced by middle aged men due to aging. Understandably, intense interest in using HGH to reverse age-related changes in otherwise healthy male adults is therefore increasing.

HGH Benefits for Men

How to Boost Your HGH Levels Beyond Injectable Growth Hormone shots, there are a variety of ways to increase low HGH levels. Men’s Fitness experts have long known that engaging in exercise like weight-lifting and bodybuilding are natural ways to increase hormone levels. Many athletes who wish to raise their levels naturally also take a variety of supplements and amino acids. However, as men age, a gradual decline causes muscles to become weak and flabby, exercising and recovery becomes more difficult. Results from workouts diminishes, energy and stamina decline significantly. In order to boost low HGH production back up to normal ranges, actual hormone replacement versus supplementation may be required.

Peptide GHRH Releasers & Somatropin Injections. The two main methods for increasing production are: 1)use of a peptide releasing agent that stimulates natural growth hormone production like Sermorelin Acetate, GHRP-2 and GHRP-6; or 2) the use of Human Growth Hormone Injections (Somatropin rDNA). Read more about Sermorelin for male hormone therapy at –

Human growth hormone for Men has been shown to build lean muscle, increase energy and endurance, improve sex drive, reduce fatty adipose tissue, strengthen bones, help your hair and nails grow healthier, enhance your mood and sleep. Even if you don’t want to stay young forever, you can optimize your HGH and testosterone levels to alleviate symptoms caused my Andropause, slow down and even reverse the aging process.

HGH Injections for Men

Growth Hormone Therapy for Men

Growth Hormone Injections for Men. Many men want to learn how to boost their HGH Levels naturally as well as through the injectable form of therapy. Although somatropin is a bio-identical form of GH, there are supplement pills that also help to increase low HGH levels in men. Fitness and training professional have long known that certain types of heavy exercise like weigh-lifting, power exercises and aerobics can help to naturally raise a man’s growth hormone levels.For this reason a comprehensive hormone treatment program for men comprises more than just injections and includes diet, exercise, anti-aging supplements including essential amino acids to naturally boost your own body’s natural production of HGH.

HGH Testing for Men

Low Growth Hormone Testing for Men. If you are a man suffering from an HGH Deficiency, you can get tested for low hormone levels including testosterone. With your lab results, a physical exam and diagnoses, you can get a doctor’s prescription for HGH therapy. Our endocrine physicians specialize in HGH for Men and have years of experience devising a customized treatment program tailored to your specific needs. Men experience a different set of symptoms than women do and therefore, require a special form of human growth hormone treatment. Contact us at the Men’s HGH Therapy Center for more information, regarding program pricing, testing, diagnoses, HGH prescriptions, where and how to order your hormone medications online. 

HGH and Testosterone

Androgenic Properties of HGH and Testosterone in Men

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and Testosterone which have a cell, tissue and muscle-building properties. Testosterone also has very strong androgenic properties and while HGH does not it is one of the most important hormones supporting male sexual health and penile function. Testosterone helps men get firm, strong erections while growth hormone helps men maintain an erection for longer helping improve sexual function and performance. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is often prescribed along with TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) if a man is diagnosed with Andropause or Hypogonadism and is found to be clinically deficient in both hormones.

HGH Therapy for Men is a bio-identical hormone treatment and TRT is also a bio-identical hormone therapy for men because both use a natural forms of hormone replacement for restoring lost or low hormone levels. After the age of 30 and most certainly after the age of 40, the secretion of a man’s natural growth hormone and testosterone declines steadily causing age-related health symptoms including loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, muscle loss, bone loss, excessive weight gain, and man boobs, sleep problems, hot flashes in men, social withdrawal and depression.

When Low T is diagnosed, urologists and endocrinologists will prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men.

The True Story about HGH

HGH Medical Study on Men with Hormone Deficiency

The famous HGH Men’s Study by Dr. Daniel Rudman and others published in 1990 in the New England Journal of Medicine found that a control group of older men who were given HGH saw improved muscle mass, decreased adipose body fat, and better bone density.

The medical abstract stated: The declining activity of the growth hormone-insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) axis with advancing age may contribute to the decrease in lean body mass and the increase in mass of adipose tissue that occur with aging.

The HGH Study Results: The administration of human growth hormone for six months was accompanied by an 8.8 percent increase in lean body mass, a 14.4 percent decrease in adipose-tissue mass, and a 1.6 percent increase in average lumbar vertebral bone density. Skin thickness increased 7.1 percent.

Conclusions: Diminished secretion of growth hormone is responsible in part for the decrease of lean body mass, the expansion of adipose-tissue mass, and the thinning of the skin that occur in old age. In middle age and late adulthood all people experience a series of progressive alterations in body composition. The lean body mass shrinks and the mass of adipose tissue expands. The contraction in lean body mass reflects atrophic processes in skeletal muscle, liver, kidney, spleen, skin, and bone. These structural changes have been considered unavoidable results of aging. It has recently been proposed, however, that reduced availability of growth hormone in late adulthood may contribute to such changes. Age related health problems including osteoporosis, obesity, erectile dysfunction (male impotence), lost libido, heat flashes and night sweats in men, very slow metabolism resulting in muscle loss and rapid weight gain are a variety of symptoms men seek to have treated as a result of low endogenous HGH levels. The impact of hormonal imbalance on overall body composition is great and men who take human growth hormone find a normalization of their metabolism and improvement in body composition with HGH use. You can visibly see before and after effects of HGH treatment in men. For a more in depth comparison of before and after use of HGH injections, visit the HGH treatment effects and results section.

The Rudman HGH Medical Study was conducted on older men 60 to 80 years old who had plasma IGF-I concentrations of less than 350 U per liter (growth hormone deficiency) as compared with a range of 500 to 1500 U per liter in healthy younger men 20 to 40 years old. To understand the difference between HGH for men and HGH for women, visit the HGH Therapy for women section – HGH Therapy for Women

Where can Men Buy HGH?

Purchasing HGH Injections for Male Hormone Treatment

Contact our HGH Physicians with experience in treating Andropause, the male menopause, with bio-identical hormone replacement for prescription and treatment information. Learn where and how to buy HGH Injections online for Men – HGH Injections for SaleHow much does HGH Therapy for Men cost?. The best growth hormone for Men’s replacement therapy is FDA-approved somatropin from top brand names such as Pfizer, Sandoz, Merck EMD Serono, Lilli & Co, and Novo Nordisk. Prices for HGH used in Male HRT can range into thousands of dollars per month depending upon the dose prescribed and duration of the treatment program. Most men prefer to purchase and use the convenient somatropin injection pen devices as they are simple and convenient to use for daily HGH shots. The most popular HGH brands men buy are Saizen, Omnitrope, Genotropin and Norditropin. Saizen injectables can be administered with the Click.Easy®, One.Click® and Cool.Click® HGH devices for men. Genotropin injectables can be taken with the MiniQuick single dose and also Genotropin Mixer pens for men. Omnitrope is also very popular brand women use for HRT, and Sandoz has a 5mg pen and 10 mg pen device for men. Finally, Norditropin has a variety of somatropin delivery devices for men including FlexPro pen, NordiFlex and Nordilet pens for easy and convenient administration of Norditropin HGH.

Special HGH Therapy Programs for Men

Special HGH Treatment Program Discounts for Men. Approved Growth Hormone Treatment Programs for Men start at about $600 per month and depending upon type of injection delivery system you purchase somatropin drug costs for men can cost more than $1000 per month. Our clinics specialise in Men’s HGH Hormonal Replacement Therapy and offer approved HGH therapeutic doses as part of a complete Male HRT program which could also include testosterone, HGH, and other hormones like HCG, aromatase inhibitors and blockers, lab work, and physician monitoring of your hormone levels and therapy program. Our Male HRT Clinics are the leading HGH suppliers for Men’s HGH injections and can offer the best pricing.

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