HGH for BodyBuilding

Why Bodybuilders use HGH Injections, Testosterone and Anabolics

Testosterone, Anabolic Steroids and Human Growth Hormone are used by Bodybuilders to Bulk Up

Is HGH Legal for Body Building or Weight Lifting? It is illegal to use Human Growth Hormone for body building or for sports performance enhancement. The approved purpose must reflect a genuine medical need for hormone replacement in which case a prescription for injectable HGH is written by a doctor for legitimate treatment purposes.

Anabolic Steroid Websites have overtaken the internet selling cheap steoid pills and injections to unsuspecting buyers who need a legitimate source to buy Human Growth Hormone or testosterone for therapeutic purposes. These HGH Pill Websites and Testosterone Pill websites sell imported and fake HGH products online with similar sounding names to legitimate testosterone and HGH manufacturers. Almost all of these overseas importers us US based websites with website names that usually include anabolicsteroidroid, legit roid or gear. To stay safe and healthy, you should never buy a hormone drug from a steroid website that claims you can buy real HGH or real Testosterone without a prescription.

HGH – TESTOSTERONE – Valid Prescription Required: Since a valid prescription is required to purchase authentic Growth Hormone and testosterone, many people, especially bodybuilders and weight-lifters who want to achieve quick muscle gains, are buying HGH on the black market or from pharmacies that dispense HGH injections along with other anabolic steroid stacks for bodybuilding and anabolic cycle purposes. Injectable HGH use is growing in popularity amongst athletes, weightlifters, powerlifters, bodybuilders, Olympians and Hollywood actors. Read more about Injectable Growth Hormone in detail.

HGH Builds New Muscle


HGH Builds Muscle. It has long been recognized by weight lifters and pro bodybuilders, even if illegal for the purpose of muscle building, that growth hormone (GH), a polypeptide hormone secreted in a burst like manner from the anterior pituitary gland, is enormously important for the growth, development and rejuvenation process of muscle tissue. The ability for GH to build new muscle cells is what makes it unique and a substance those looking to increase muscle size seek to use. The following health benefits are several reasons why many athletes and body builders use HGH.

  1. HGH Improves Body composition
  2. HGH Enhances sexual desire & potency
  3. HGH Increases protein synthesis and muscle growth
  4. HGH Increases utilization of fatty acids and metabolism
  5. HGH Increases amino acid transport across cell membranes
  6. HGH Increases lipolysis (fat breakdown to burn fatty tissue)
  7. HGH Increases availability of glucose and amino acids
  8. HGH Increases collagen synthesis, improving skin, hair and nails
  9. HGH Stimulates cartilage growth, strengthening bones and mineralization
  10. HGH Improves cholesterol profiles, lowering bad cholesterol levels (LDL’s)
  11. HGH Increases retention of nitrogen, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus

Body Building - Human Growth Hormone Results

Do Body Builders Get Results with Growth Hormone?

Bodybuilding Results with HGH. This leads many to question – Are body builders getting good results with human growth hormone?Can HGH help build muscle mass?Will HGH get me ripped?Does taking HGH make me stronger?Is faster recovery seen after intensive exercise?

With so many athletes and weight lifters buying and using HGH, the answers seem to be a resounding, Yes, HGH builds muscle mass. The really important questions that should be asked by men or women who want to buy and use Human Growth Hormone for bodybuilding are: Is HGH Safe?Is HGH Legal?Can I Use HGH with out a prescription?Can I Buy HGH Injections without a prescription?What is HGH Prescribed for?; Before you buy HGH, learn about where and how to get Human Growth Hormone Legally – Is HGH Legal?

Bodybuilding can Naturally Increase HGH

Lifting Weights and Intensive Bursts of Exercise Naturally Raise HGH Levels

Naturally Increasing Growth Hormone. One of the ways to stimulate your body’s HGH release naturally is weight training. Intensive workouts, bursts of energy consuming exercise induce the body to releasing more Human Growth Hormone into the blood system. Intense exercise outs the body into a catabolic state causing the body to use fat for fuel. Glucose synthesis and increased metabolism induced by HGH release helps the bodybuilder build more lean muscle while burning fat. When endogenous growth hormone levels are deficient Moreover, the production of this exercise related HGH is impaired and so supplementation with injectable HGH is required to have the same muscle building gains.

Working Out and Increasing HGH

HGH, Intensive Exercise & Workout Recovery Time

HGH Injections Help Increase Endurance and Stamina. Many people including professional athletes have reported excellent recovery time when using human growth hormone and exercising intensely. HGH is very popular among body builders and professional athletes because it significantly improves muscle strength and endurance. HGH also helps to increase the metabolism, promote fat burning, the regeneration and healing of muscles, bones, ligaments, joints, skin, brain cells and organs. The healing properties of growth hormone make it ideal for use by sport’s medical doctors and surgeons to assist with rapid recovery after operating on a sports injury. Unfortunately, the amazing health benefits of natural Growth Hormone also open the drug up for abuse by people seeking to use the drug at higher than normal levels in order to build massive muscle and or increase performance. Read more below about HGH Abuse and in the abusing growth hormone section.

Athletes and HGH Abuse

HGH Athletes and Hormone Abuse Controversy

HGH Gives Athletes an Unfair Advantage. There is a lot of controversy in the US congress over the use of HGH, because many professional athletes are using HGH to gain an advantage over competitors. Athletes who have admitted to using HGH have been fired or suspended from sports or Olympic events. Growth hormone builds new muscle cells and actually makes muscle grow. The performance enhancing boost athletes and weight lifters get form injecting HGH and other anabolic steroids gives them a big competitive advantage over other athletes who do not use steroids or inject human growth hormone.

Professional sports organizations including body building competition organizers PNBA, ABA, INBA, IFBB, NPC, and The Olympics have implemented strict testing for HGH and other steroids to try and curb illicit HGH use in order to level the playing field and ensure competitors are not “juiced-up” while training or competing in professional or Olympic sports events. Read more about legitimate HGH drug testing – HGH Lab Testing

HGH Dosing and Side Effects

HGH Uses and Abuse: Athletes and Body Builders who use large doses of HGH can experience negative side effects. These can be short term symptoms and long term health symptoms. HGH is a very powerful anabolic hormone. Overdosing human growth hormone can be very unhealthy and dangerous for a person’s health. When athletes use performance enhancing drugs, they consider the positive and negative effects of human growth hormone. Since the effects depend on the dosage, many start out at lower doses and gradually increase the amount they inject to maximize their strength and muscle gains. Athletes and especially weight lifters are aware that intense exercise and workouts naturally increase GH levels, but they are looking for much greater results than what they can achieve from naturally releasing more hormone into their bloodstream.

Growth Hormone Naturally Builds Muscle

Naturally Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Naturally increasing hormone levels through a normal regimen of exercise, diet and sleep is the ideal way and the healthiest way to improve GH levels but it doesn’t help build the strength, muscle mass and bulk body builders seek. So instead, they seek out ways that are not legitimate to buy and use growth hormone. Sometimes they purchase online from anabolic steroid vendors and other websites that call themselves HGH suppliers, or roid this, or eroid that. Many of these online steroid stores sell cheap, low cost HGH injections imported from overseas or other anabolic steroid pills and oral sprays that claim to be real growth hormone but have no genuine somatropin HGH in them. HGH supplements are not steroids and also have no real growth hormone in them, rather they are amino acid compounds sold as authentic HGH.

Bodybuilder HGH Before and After Results

Before and After Effects of HGH Use

Seeing Before and After Effects of HGH. People believe what they can see when it comes to growth hormone treatment results. Users of the anabolic substance see incredible gains in muscle size. Further encouraging HGH usage among the body-building community are the incredible before and after HGH pictures one can find online showing a comparison of HGH before and after effects – HGH Results Before and After Use. Patients who are taking somatropin under a physician supervised hormone replacement program are able to properly measure their daily shots and implement their drug administration schedule under the careful monitoring of a licensed medical professional. In this way dosages can be adjusted when needed and any unwanted side effects avoided. In small daily quantities HGH is safe and beneficial to use. It is at mega doses that a safe drug can become unsafe and abused. To review side effects of taking too much growth hormone visit Side Effects of Too Much HGH. If you are ever unsure as to what is the proper dose of somatropin GH to inject, always contact your treating physician to verify the correct dose per your prescription. Dosing, when properly done makes somatropin treatment a safe hormone drug to take and bio-identical hormone therapy has a good track record for improving people’s health and wellness especially in aging adults experiencing age-related disease and decline. You can read more about correct GH dosing.

Reducing Body Fat with HGH

HGH and Burning Body Fat

Somatropin Burns Fatty Tissue. One of the most desirable results of taking HGH is its ability to help burn fatty tissue leaving the body’s muscles looking leaner, more chiseled and stronger. New muscle cells are generated as opposed to just strengthened, and the fit, cut, powerful look is what professional body builders are after. When people mention steroids, they are talking about muscle-boosting drugs like testosterone and other anabolics, not just growth hormone. There are many natural muscle boosting supplements composed of amino acids like arginine, ornithine, glutamine, glycine, tyrosine, GABA and lysine that help the body increase its own endogenous or natural growth hormone production, and these are not prescription strength “anabolic steroid” sold by websites over the internet. Some HGH users search for natural GH secretagogues and (insulin-like Growth factor 1) IGF-1 releasers which are peptides and amino acids that stimulate endogenous GH secretion. You can read more about the treatment results and anabolic effects of Sermorelin, Ipamorelin, GHRH, GHRP and IGF-1 at Growth Hormone Secretagogues.

Preventing Muscle Loss with Growth Hormone


HGH is used by people with HIV / AIDS to help overcome muscle-wasting and degeneration of body parts. Serostim from Serono is the only FD-Approved human growth hormone designed specifically for this use. Zorbtive is another somatropin products used to help patients as well. More documentation and clinical research is coming out confirming the positive and regenerative results of using HGH for HGH patients. The cell regeneration properties make replacement therapy a vial option for physicians deeding to treat muscle degenerative diseases. You can read more about the power growth hormone has to enhance cell reproduction and regeneration. HGH for healing and body repair.

Human Growth Hormone and Muscle Mass

How HGH Builds Muscles

Body Builders want to know how does HGH build muscles? Before athletes or weight lifters start a cycle of somatropin (injectable Growth Hormone), they naturally are curious to know how much muscle will I put on by using Human Growth Hormone? Of course this depends upon a variety of factors including the users current age, size and weight. Another important factor is diet and nutrition. Sports enthusiasts and nutritionists know that protein is used to build muscle, and when somatropin injections are introduced the ability for the body to speed up its metabolic rate and use food for energy as opposed to storing fat are dramatically enhanced. Under ideal dietary conditions a person can increase lean muscle mass by 30% or more during a 6 month period of taking HGH. The visible effects and results of using GH become apparent after about 3 months of use.

Muscle Gains with HGH

HGH and Ripped Muscles

Muscle Gains using Growth Hormone. The amount of muscle gained by body builders using HGH have made it a very popular drug to use for performance enhancement purposes leaving many athletes to ignore the health warnings of using growth hormone when not needed for a medical hormonal imbalance. The effect of GH are compounded by the usage of other anabolic steroids, testosterone, HCG, Sustanon, Omnadren, Android, Nandrolone (Deca), Stanozolol, Winstrol, Trenbolone, Oxandrolone, Anadrol, etc. The safety issues are not mitigated by an otherwise overall healthy lifestyle comprising good nutrition, working out, getting plenty of sleep and eating a balanced diet with a lot of proteins and supplements. Using a dose of 4IU or more of somatropin per day will increase his muscle building ability by 30% or more. It is not uncommon for a typical body builder to use 8-10IU when on a GH cycle and even 12-16IU for those using somatropin hard core.

HGH Treatment Results and Effects

Positive Results from HGH for Men and Women

HGH Prescription for Menopause or Andropause. Men and women over the age of 35 who have used HGH for genuine medical purposes such as menopause and andropause (male menopause) have reported increased muscle strength and a loss of body fat – especially around the waistline. As men reach middle age, their ability to work out and recover from exercise decreases. They can no longer get that pumped up look at the gym. They lose strength, stamina and muscle mass resulting is flabby loose muscles. As they store more fat, they rapidly gain weight and get bigger bellies and love handles. During Andropause testosterone levels also natural decline causing low energy, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, muscle loss and further weight gains. Treating signs and symptoms of Andropause with HGH and testosterone are legitimate uses for hormone therapy. Learn more about how HGH for men HGH and Testosterone can help hormone deficient men. Women have their own special needs when it comes to HGH replacement. Menopause causes a hormonal imbalance in estrogen, progesterone and even thyroid that has to be taken into account when prescribing HGH treatment for women. Many symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause like hot flashes, night sweats, sexual dysfunction, mood swings, anxiety, depression, headaches, inability to focus and severe fatigue make bio-identical HRT an extremely important option for endocrine specialists treating women with hormonal imbalance. Learn more about Human Growth Hormone for women how HGH can help women. Injectable HGH helps with glucose synthesis so the body doesn’t store the sugars from your food as fat. It interacts with insulin to use your food as fuel for energy increasing your metabolic rate. This is one of the ways bodybuilders and weightlifters who use large amounts of HGH can get so ripped.

Taking Mega Doses of HGH is not Healthy

Proper Dosages of Human Growth Hormone are not HGH Abuse

Many professional athletes or bodybuilders who do take HGH, testosterone and anabolic steroids become obsessed with seeing the body building effects of using these powerful anabolic substances. You can see HGH Results Before and After Treatment. They are constantly wondering – When will I notice HGH resultsHow much testosterone do I need to take to bulk up fast?What stacks and cycle can maximize muscle growth?. Bodybuilders and weighlifters want to be able to make an HGH before and after comparison quickly, as well as a Testosterone and anabolic steroid before and after comparison to see how much bulk they are putting on. They want to see if the mix of powerful hormones and steroid shots they are taking are having the effects and results they are seeking. They become obsessed with whether they should take testosterone or HGH pre-workout or post-workout. Should they use HGH before bedtime or in the AM with breakfast and what exactly should they be eating immediately after injecting HGH to build muscle bulk and mass. These large doses of HGH used for buidling bulk in this manner especially when combined with anabolic steroid and large doses of testosterone and other androgen derivitives can lead to serious health problems including liver toxicity, joint and muscle issues and kidney complications. Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone should only be taken in low dose therapy regimens supervised by a licensed and experienced physician as part of a medically indicated hormone replacement treatment program. When bio-identical hormone therapy is properly conducted, then real life changing positive HGH effects and results can be achieved.

Human Growth Hormone for Body Building

Why Bodybuilders and Weighlifters use HGH Injections

Bodybuilders like to use HGH to build muscle and bulk up quickly. They also use anabolic steroids and testosterone for the same purpose. There are thousands of anabolic steroid websites importing illegal steroid drugs and all types of growth hormone injectables into the United States and selling online to unsuspecting people looking to buy legitmate HGH and testosterone needed for genuine medical purposes. Prescription Growth Hormone, which is the real HGH in the form of Somatropin can only be purchased with a doctor’s hormone prescription for an approved medical purpose, not for professional bodybuilding, sports enhancement, weight loss or weight lifting, or to get ripped muscles. If you do have a genuine medical need, then you can buy authentic prescription HGH with your doctor’s prescription. To learn more about how to get HGH therapy, visit the section on How to Get HGH Therapy.

HGH Prescribed by a Doctor is for HRT

Can HGH be prescribed for Body Building?

NO, HGH Injections are not prescribed for BodyBuilding. Do not ask a legitimate medical doctor for HGH because you want it for body building or weight lifting or for any professional sports enhancement, it’s not legal and you might lose your opportunity to get HGH for legitimate purposes. Human Growth Hormone is a very powerful hormone drug and close supervision by a licensed medical doctor is essential in order to protect one’s health. Overuse or inappropriate use of HGH can lead o symptoms and side effects. For adults suffering from menopause or andropause symptoms, a treatment program comprised of hormone optimization with HGH or Testosterone, exercise, nutrition and weight loss management can be prescribed. If you think you may have a hormonal imbalance or deficiency, contact Optimal Health Hormone Centers at 1-888-763-4221

To learn how HGH helps you lose fat and manage weight – How does HGH help you lose fat and manage weight loss? If you are overly obese or gaining weight rapidly or if you are losing muscle or bone mass due to hormone decline or deficiency, speak to your doctor or ask to see a hormone specialist. If your weight gain or muscle loss is due to a pituitary or endocrine disorder, there are treatment options available that use prescription somatropin in a safe and legal way. A legal HGH prescription is for therapeutic medical purposes.

Buying HGH the right way. If you have a documented hormone deficiency you may order Injectable HGH with a prescription. Growth Hormone Deficiency is the only approved legal way to use HGH injections. If you are unsure if you qualify to take somatropin drugs, you can get an IGF-1 blood test to determine your current HGH levels and if they are too low, get a legal prescription for hormone replacement. Our Medical HRT clinic can explain the process of where and how to get growth hormone prescribed by a licensed physician so you can buy HGH shots safely and legally. Endocrinologists and urologists will not prescribe real HGH for body building or performance enhancing purposes. If you are diagnosed with AGHD or Growth Hormone Deficiency, make sure to buy only high quality human growth hormone from approved manufacturers like Pfizer, Sandoz, Genentech, Merck, EMD Serono, Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk.

Using HGH with Testosterone for Bodybuilding


Using Testosterone with Human Growth Hormone creates a synergy among these two powerful hormones. Although not approved for bodybuilding or athletic performance enhancement, athletes and muscle builders have taken advantage of these anabolic substances to increase energy, endurance, stamina, strength and massive muscle gains. Because of the positive effects of both HGH and testosterone on body composition, users also gain weight loss and fat burning advantages. This is true for both men and women.

Using Prescription Growth Hormone the Right Way

Get HGH for Legal and Authorized Medical Purposes

Get only legal HGH and testosterone prescriptions from licensed hormone specialists to ensure your safety. Learn how to buy legal HGH. When you buy testosterone, HCG, Sermorelin or Somatropin online you may not be sure what is real and what is simply labelled “HGH” for sales and marketing purposes but the product may not contain any hormone at all. Many search for HGH for sale online or Testosterone for sale online, but have trouble finding a legitimate source to actually buy from. Contact one of our licensed physicians so you can purchase your treatment medications with confidence and safely. Get Legal Testosterone. Testosterone supplementation is not for everyone and like somatropin has side effects and risks involved with taking it especially at greater than normal doses something body builders are apt to do. There are a variety of high quality brands of Human Growth Hormone for sale: Pfizer Genotropin Miniquick and GoQuick Pens | Lilly Humatrope Humatropens | Genentech Nutropin Nuspin AQ Pens| Serono Saizen Click.Easy, One Click and Cool Click HGH Pens | Serono Serostim and Zorbtive Somatropin | NovoNordisk Norditropin Nordipens, FlexPro® and Nordilets | Sandoz Omnitrope Omnitropen Pen Devices | Teva Tev-Tropin T Jet HGH Pen.