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How Natural HGH works in the Human Body to Keep You Young and Support Healthy Aging

HGH Injections and HGH Prescriptions for Bio-Identical Growth Hormone Treatment

Does Human Growth Hormone Slow Down the Aging Process?

When you are young Growth Hormone (HGH) is abundant in your body. Your body easily repairs and maintains itself using human growth hormone and other essential hormones. You are full of energy and strength. Your body naturally produces sufficient HGH which works as a biological messenger to properly signal to your body to grow, heal and maintain cells, tissues and organs. HGH works with your other hormones including your sex hormones to keep you feeling healthy, sexual, vibrant and young.

Human Growth Hormone is essential for optimal body functioning and your good health. When you are young, growth hormone secreted from your pituitary gland is sufficient to properly relay the important biological signals to and from your body’s cells. Likewise, hormonal receptor cells properly accept and respond to the levels of HGH in your system. As you age, natural or endogenous HGH secretion diminishes and receptor cells become less efficient in receiving their HGH hormone signals causing age-related health issues, especially during menopause and Andropause (the male menopause).

Slowing or Reversing Premature Aging

HGH Therapy can help alleviate and reverse many age related health conditions. As you age the production of HGH decreases causing a hormonal imbalance, and the signs and symptoms of physical aging begin to appear including loss of sex drive, low energy, flabby muscles, rapid weight gain, moodiness, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, increased urination, wrinkled skin, depression and lack of enthusiasm for daily living.

"People age because their hormones decline."
It is said that people age because their hormones decline and are no longer available in sufficient quantities to rejuvenate the body and mind. The process of hormone decline is gradual and usually takes years to occur. Treating Hormonal Decline with HGH

HGH Deficiency

HGH Deficiency as you age. At some point your body becomes hormone deficient and symptoms related to a hormonal imbalance start to appear. One of the first signs of HGH deficiency and Testosterone deficiency is a low sex drive. Feelings of sexual desire and attraction begin to dissipate or disappears altogether. Both HGH and Testosterone are needed for a healthy libido and the impact on men and women are some of the first signs that a hormonal imbalance may be the cause. You can learn more about obtaining and using Testosterone with Growth Hormone for TRT at Testosterone Injections.

HGH and Weight Loss

HGH and Weight Loss. Rapid and excessive weight gain and belly fat are very common symptoms of hormone deficiency because both HGH and testosterone are instrumental in building and maintaing strong lean muscle and ensuring the proper usage of glucose, burning and storing of fat, as well as even fat distrubution throughout the body.

HGH and Wrinkles

HGH and Wrinkles. Dry skin, dry hair and nails usually come before wrinkles. HGH is needed to replenish collagen and keep skin smooth, nails and hair healthy. During clinical studies growth hormone was shown to improve skin elastcity and help reduce wrinkling. Hair texture improved and nails became healthier and stronger.

HGH and Insomnia

HGH and Insomnia. The ability to sleep well is tied to normal levels of both HGH and melatonin. As these important hormones decline, sleep problems begin to take their toll. Fatigue, lethargy and feeling tired all the time are common symptoms of HGH deficiency and Low T (Low Testosterone Levels). HGH has been shown to improve deep sleep patterns in aging adults.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Does it really slow aging process? There are many web sites on the internet saying human growth hormone does not slow down the aging process or provide relief from age related health conditions. If this were the case, why are thousands of patients benefiting from HGH treatment? Why would thousands of body builders, athletes, Hollywood actors, anti-aging doctors, age management physicians and some endocrinologists and urologists swear by it? Clearly, there must be some potential health and medical benefit to using HGH injections to restore deficient levels of HGH. Read more about the specific Medical Health Benefits of using HGH in a physician supervised HRT program. Medical Health Benefits of using HGH.

HGH is not Authorized for Anti-Aging but still has Aging Benefits

While Growth Hormone is not prescribed specifically for anti-aging, there are many potential health benefits from taking HGH injections that help alleviate symptoms caused by age-related disease and hormonal imbalance. Despite this, anti-longevity web sites or traditional medical practitioners still try to claim that HGH Therapy is being offered as an Anti-Aging treatment or miracle fountain of youth therapy. Just because some anti-aging doctors promise to slow down or even reverse the signs and symptoms of aging with human growth hormone (HGH), doesn’t negate the enormous benefits growth hormone replacement therapy affords adults suffering from Human Growth Hormone deficiency.

Anti-Aging Human Growth Hormone Facts

Can HGH slow the Aging Process? Some life-extension and longevity sites say: “Before you sign up with HGH, get the facts about HGH.:” With this, we wholly agree, Growth Hormone Treatment isn’t for everyone. If you are a middle-aged adult experiencing menopause or andropause (male menopause), you should have your HGH levels checked to see if you are HGH deficient. A hormone specialist who prescribes bio-identical HGH Replacement Therapy may be able to help you. Contact a Hormone Replacement Doctor and discuss your symptoms and HGH treatment options.

HGH Levels Decline with Age

Since you were born, your body (pituitary gland / hypthalamus loop) normally naturally makes growth hormone to help generate and ensure growth during your childhood and to help maintain tissues and organs functions throughout your life, but over time the HGH levels in your body tend to decrease.

Beginning in your late 20’s, your pituitary gland which sites in the center base of your brain — the pea-sized structure at the base of your brain which looks like a cooked garbanzo bean — slowly reduces the amount of the hormone it produces.

Many anti-aging, longevity and cell regeneration medical doctors and scientists believe the dwindling level of HGH Human growth hormone is directly responsible for the slow death, aging symptoms and frailty that normally comes with getting older in the human life cycle. Moreover, this process and the supposed connection of aging with decling hormone levels has prompted many scientists and researchs who are concerned about aging and longevity to conjecture the link between HGH and slowing down the aging process. The amount of human growth hormone being sold world wide is growing geometically and thought to continue to do so and eventually lead HGH to be sold over the counter. To speak with an endocrime specialist, contact a local Anti-Aging Treatment Center or HGH Clinic

Many people who are concerned about the agony of slowly falling apart, growing old, looking old, feeling old and losing freedom, personal independence are turning to injections of bio-identical human growth hormone (HGH) to stave off the fact we are all becoming old, we will all eventually die.

The anti-longevity movement claims there’s little evidence to suggest human growth hormone is the Fountain of Youth. If this is the case, why have HGH sales growing geometically? Millions of people can’t be wrong or can they be? The positive effects, before and after results of taking human growth hormone are medically established. You can compare before and after results of HGH on the effects of taking HGH page – Before and After HGH

Who should take or needs human growth hormone?

Answer: Adults with Genuine Deficiency

Bio-Identical HGH Human Growth Hormone is available only by prescription from a physician and is administered through a subcutaneous injects (in the belly or love handles). Human Growth Hormone is currently approved to treat adults and children with growth hormone deficiency. Growth hormone deficiency can be caused by pituitary tumors, genetics, poor diet, premature aging and radiation or surgery to the pituitary gland, among many other causes due to life style or environmental factors.

Proper Use of HGH

Buy Real Medical Growth Hormone and Avoid Unwanted Side Effects

Human growth hormone is also approved for:

Children with short stature – although the question is why is being short a bad thing, there will always be short and tall people its all relative.

Children with kidney failure – note: HGH has been shown in some studies to have regenerative properties on the internal organs, not just the kidneys, but also all the other organs.

Children with Prader – Willi syndrome – helps with symptoms

Children with Turner’s syndrome – helps with symptoms

Muscle wasting associated with AIDS and HIV – note: Although many in the anti-longevity movement have claimed HGH does not improve Muscle strength, tone and burn fat, many athletes who have used HGH have found there muscle strength and fat burning significantly higher than without.

Studies of adults with growth hormone deficiencies show that injections of human growth hormone can:

Increase muscle mass – note: some studies suggest lean muscle mass, strength and density.

Increase bone density – note: some studies have shown the strengthening of bones, some studies have shown the lengthening of the bones, others have claimed the temporary loss of mineral density, then lengthening of the bones, than the restrengthening of bones. Most studies suggest HGH has excellent effect on the bones.

Decrease body fat – especially adipose tissue (around the belly) for men and for women, the trouble areas, thys, stomach and hips

Bolster the heart’s ability to contract – note: which also might be why many athletes and body builders report more stamina, endurance and recovery from intense workouts using HGH.

Improve mood and motivation – many people with depression have reported significantly less depression using HGH, less mood swings, improved memory, some studies suggest it regenerates brain cells. One satellite technician from the west coast reported superior ability to do mathematical computations.

Increase exercise capacity – note: Improved heart function, improved muscle development, improved cardiovascular health, and regeneration of all tissues in the body are the claimes made by those who support HGH Human Growth Hormone replacement therapy.

HGH Replacement Benefits – Because of all the alleged and confirmed benefits of HGH, many believe that by replacing HGH in the body to more youthful levels, the general result is more youthful vitality overall. More than not, the people using HGH correctly under doctors supervision have reported positive benefits.

HGH for Aging Adults – What can human growth hormone do for healthy older adults who don’t need it? Studies of healthy older adults taking human growth hormone are limited. Many involve a small number of people followed for a short period of time. The studies that have been conducted have found that human growth hormone injections can increase muscle mass and reduce the amount of body fat in healthy older adults. Medical studies show that low levels natural Human Growth Hormone and IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) are a contributing factor of obesity and weight gain in aging adult men and women.

HGH and Muscle Building – That increase in muscle doesn’t translate into increased strength. Though the study participants gained muscle, they weren’t any stronger. One study compared older men who took human growth hormone with older men who went through strength training programs. The bottom line: Strength training can increase both your muscle mass and your strength, making it cheaper and more effective than taking human growth hormone.

HGH, Sex Drive and Bone Strength – It is clear from clinical studies that human growth hormone can provide other benefits, such as increased bone density, improved erectile function in men, improved libido and mood in even healthy adults. Most of the research into human growth hormone has focused on people with true growth hormone deficiencies. Read more in depth about AGHD or Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency.

HGH Side Effects

HGH Use and Abuse – Are there any risks to taking human growth hormone if you don’t need it? Taking human growth hormone can cause a number of side effects, including:

* Swelling in your arms and legs
* Arthritis-like symptoms
* Carpal tunnel symptoms
* Headaches
* Bloating
* Muscle pain
* Diabetes
* Abnormal growth of bones and internal organs
* Hardening of the arteries
* High blood pressure

Some evidence shows that side effects of human growth hormone treatments may be more likely in older adults than in younger adults. Also, because the studies of healthy adults taking human growth hormone have been short term, it isn’t clear whether these side effects could eventually dissipate or become worse. For instance, though human growth hormone produced arthritis-like symptoms, it isn’t clear if this would progress into arthritis. More study is needed.

HGH Boosting Supplements and HGH Pills for Aging

HGH Booster Pills for Anti-Aging. Some Web sites claim to sell a pill form of human growth hormone that produces results similar to the injected form of the drug. Sometimes these are called human growth hormone releasers, however genuine HGH releasing agents like Sermorelin, IGF-1, GHRP, Ipamorelin and GHRH are prescription peptide drugs that come in injectable form. There’s no proof that the claims about Real HGH pills sold over the internet or in vitamin shops are true. In fact, if you were to swallow human growth hormone, it would likely be digested by your stomach acids and not absorbed into your body. So, does real human growth hormone come in pill form? No, it comes as an injections taken daily as a subcutaneous shot into the fatty tissue usually around the belly. Read more about HGH Pills and supplements online. Buying HGH pills online.

Real HGH is Known as Somatropin

HGH or rDNA origin Somatropin for injection, is the active ingredient in genuine prescription drugs used in hormone replacement therapy but not in other products available and sold as real HGH widely over the Internet. This includes all of the HGH pills for sale online, amino acid HGH booster pills, anti-aging vitamin shops and in health food stores.

Web sites online also sell homeopathic remedies and herbs claiming to contain human growth hormone. There’s no proof that these work, either. Talk it over with your doctor before you buy a supplement claiming it is HGH online. Find out where you can get real HGH injections online. How and where to get Real HGH online?

How HGH Works

How HGH Works? – Your doctor can explain more about how human growth hormone works in your body and whether it’s something your body needs more of. If you have specific concerns about aging, such as gaining weight, increased body fat, lost libido, hot flashes or mood swings, your doctor can suggest ways to improve your health safely. Taking simple steps, such as eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables and exercising daily, can help keep your body in shape and help you feel better about yourself as you get older. Healthy aging with improved lifestyle and hormone optimization is possible.

HGH And Anti Aging Therapy

There are genuine anti-aging treatments like Vitamin B and Vitamin C infusion therapy, chelation, anti-oxidant supplement and other therapies that help to combat aging. HGH is not prescribed as an anti-aging growth hormone treatment, age reversal, or youth preservation drug but because it addresses many of the signs and symptoms of aging some consider an anti-aging drug. HGH may be prescribed for an HGH deficiency but not specifically as an anti aging therapy and most hormone replacement would agree that injectable HGH is effecive for treating AGHD vs HGH pills or spray or other HGH supplements found on the market. The age related benefits of taking authentic Human Growth Hormone

Physician-Supervised HGH Therapy Programs. With HGH injections doctors can manage the the risks involved and determine whether injections are worth the side effects. Normally, a simple adjustment to the HGH shot’s dosage is all that is required. Since HGH seems to be exposed to gastric and digestive enzymes that serve to destroy it, the effectiveness of Growth Hormone pills, sprays and supplements may not be helpful as anti-aging therapies. Many HGH pill and spray manufacturers are coming out with their own studies so as to be able to promote HGH as an anti-aging therapy. The FDA does not consider aging symptoms a medical condition that may be treated with prescription injectable human growth hormone, so it is unclear what the medical goal of non-prescription HGH pill and spray prodcers is at this time. HGH supplements like pills and sprays don’t require a prescription like injectable HGH does and can be readily obtained online legally as may any anti-aging vitamin or supplement. If you need an HGH prescription from a doctor, find out how to get prescribed growth hormone. Get an HGH Prescription Online

Anti Aging HGH Clinical Studies. Unlike HGH injections, Human Growth Hormone pills, sprays and supplements may not be effective in restoring HGH levels that declines with age. To date, the Rudman HGH study reinforces the fact that injectable HGH is effective in replenishing lost or low levels of HGH in aging adult men and women.

The Rudman HGH clinical study (New England Journal of Medicine, Volume 323, July 5, 1990 Number 1) is the foundation of the Human Growth Hormone revolution. In 1989 an endocrinologist from the University of Wisconsin by the name of Donald Rudman conducted an experiment on aging men where all the participants were given medical grade HGH injections (rDNA Somatropin) for six months and were specifically told not to change anything in their lifestyles. They were not to make lifestyle changes to diet, exercise, smoking or drinking habit.

After the six month trial most of the subjects noticed significant benefits to their health including lower body fat and weight loss, increased stamina, improved sleep patterns, less wrinkles, thicker hair and skin, better recovery after exercise with improved muscle tone, lower bad cholesterol levels, leaner muscle and denser bone mass. They reported an overall better sense of well-being that were a result of human growth hormone injections. The subjects of Rudman’s HGH experiment felt years younger. Regardless of this landmark HGH study, the proof was still not enough to change the mind of the medical establishment or FDA which doesn’t consider using HGH solely for antiaging. The FDA is still hesitant in approving HGH solely for aging symptoms because the FDA does not classify aging a disease. Despite this, HGH injections are used by some as an anti-aging and anabolic agent.

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