HGH Muscle Growth and Cell Rejuvenation

How Growth Hormone Affects Body Cells, Tissue Repair and Healing

HGH Injections and the Aging Body

HGH, Muscle and Cell Regeneration Benefits In reviewing the benefits of growth hormone therapy, it becomes evident that HGH Human growth hormone has many beneficial effects on cell growth, repair and regeneration. This has a positive effect on the body’s immune system, rate of healing and tissue repair. For this reason many sports medicine doctors and athletes turn to Human Growth Hormone injections to help speed injury repair and more rapid healing of sports injuries. As we examine more closely the data accumulated by HGH medical studies and the interaction between growth hormone and the various bodily systems, we develop an understanding as to how an increased level of growth hormone results in so many beneficial health effects.

HGH, Rejuvenation and Life Extension. In addition to building muscle, bone and rejuvenation organs and tissue – some studies have suggested HGH replacement therapy might possibly extend the human lifespan 10 to 20 years as long as a healthy life style is included as a part of the Hormone Replacement HGH therapy program.

However asking for a prescription for Human Growth Hormone because you want to extend your life span or for anti-aging purposes is not always the best way (or legal) to get a prescription, the best way to get HGH is to be genuinely experiencing symptoms of andropause if you are a male or menopause if you are a female – aka premature aging.

Use of HGH in Healing Muscle and Joint Injuries

HGH for Healing Injuries and Wounds. HGH is prescribed for muscle cell regrowth, wound and injury repair. Injectable Human Growth Hormone Injections is used by many Anti-Aging Specialists and Sports Medicine Doctors who use the growth factors in somatropin to help heal muscle and joint injuries with HGH injections inserted directly into the affected wound or tissue.

Increasing Bone Density & HGH for Injection

How HGH helps build strong bones. During growth hormone therapy, there is a definite improvement in bone density. One study showed an increased bone mass of 2% per year, other studies have shown HGH can increase bone strength and cause bone lengthening (increases in height). Read more about Human Growth Hormone Deficiency in detail - Treating HGH Deficiency in Men and Women

Smooth Skin and HGH

How Injectable HGH Reduces Wrinkles in Aging Skin. Growth hormone restores abnormal or low levels of extra cellular fluid. This cellular dehydration is implicated in many of the signs of aging. By replenishing this extra cellular water, skin becomes thicker and wrinkles become less noticeable. Also, there is normalization of kidney function and improvement in sweating capacity. Because of growth hormone's ability to speed repair and cell regeneration, improved skin, hair and nails are one of the first things people see when they use human growth hormone. People using HGH tend to look younger.. In an HGH case study a 65 year old man using HGH for 1 year, was reported to look about 50 with much reduced skin wrinkling and thicker hair. In another case study, a 55 year old doctor looked as if he was in his late 30's after years of using real HGH on a daily basis mostly due to his trim waist and muscle mass. Many patients report feeling and looking younger and this has made HRT using growth hormone a common anti-aging treatment used by integrative medical practitioners.

HGH, Exercise and Body Building

See information regarding HGH and Bodybuilding: How HGH Builds Muscles & Body Building Athletic performance and weight lifting have been controversial in their use of Human Growth Hormone to achieve body building results. By using very large doses of injectable growth hormone they are able to build up lean muscle mass, greater strength, endurance and stamina in a relatively short period of time. The doses they take are many times greater than those used by endocrinologists and hormone specialists to treat adults and children with Human Growth Hormone Deficiency or AGHD. The approved use of GH is for medically prescribed purposes only and so the controversy over the use and abuse of real injectable HGH and its legal use continues. Is it legal to buy HGH?

In addition to Weight Lifting and Sports Enhancement, Weight loss is another area of HGH controversy and many news articles because HGH is medically shown to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass improving body composition and fat to muscle ratios (BMI). Many people combine injectable HGH with HCG injections and testosterone injections to further enhance muscle growth and fat burning which assists them is losing weight over a relatively short period of time. Some weight loss doctors offer these rapid weight loss programs and these are not endorsed by Age Management Physicians, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Doctors or Endocrinologists. Using growth hormone specifically for losing weight is not an approved use for prescription HGH. Learn how Human Growth Hormone Therapy can help speed up metabolism, better manage weight, burn fat and contribute to weight loss over time – How can HGH Help Lose Weight – HGH Weight Loss When HGH is used for medically supervised hormone replacement therapy the potential for improvements in health and alleviating symptoms related to the aging process may be realized. You can read more about the Anti-Aging benefits of Human Growth Hormone.

Boosting Strength and Building Muscles in Men – Men with low growth hormone levels will find that working out becomes harder and their muscles become weaker and looser as they loose lean muscle mass. Stamina and endurance decrease and energy levels are so low that some men find themselves falling asleep at their desks in the middle of the day. And while this could also be due to a decline in testosterone levels, testing usually shows that both HGH and androgen levels are low.

Boosting Strength and Building Muscles in Women – Women who are growth hormone deficient will also have very low energy levels that make working out harder, muscles flabbier, develop more cellulite, incur hot flashes, headaches, joint pain and mood swings.

Growth Hormone Specialist MD’s can help treat low levels of HGH and signs and symptoms cause by hormonal imbalance and deficiency. They have medical experience and expertise helping men and women going through menopause and andropause learn How to Increase HGH in Your Body with Growth Hormone Injections as well as natural releasers and anti-aging supplementation. Whether you increase your endogenous growth hormone levels naturally through exercise, diet, vitamin supplementation, HGH releasers or injections of growth hormone, the most important thing is that potential benefits of normalizing and optimizing GH to more youthful levels will help manage, reverse and prevent many age-related sign and symptoms of hormonal deficiency. Your immune system, muscles and bones will get stronger. Improved cell regeneration and reproduction will help your body better maintain and repair itself. For a review of the effects, benefits and results of using human growth hormone as well as as comparison of before and after HGH results, visit the HGH Effects, Benefits and Results section. You may also wish to read more about GH production cycle and and natural enhancement of growth hormone in the body. Many health conscious patients, holistic medicine doctors and naturopaths prefer using a more natural approach to HRT including bio-identical hormones, nutrition, exercise, anti-aging supplements and other alternative medicine therapies for helping your body in Boosting and Producing Human Growth Hormone Naturally.