The Health Benefits of HGH Replacement with Real Injectable HGH (rDNA Somatropin)

HGH Supplementation can help Adult Men and Women Age in a Youthful Manner

HGH Anti-Aging, Longevity & Cell Regeneration Power of Growth Hormone

HGH Human Growth Hormone is responsible for growth, body maintenance and repair, sexual health, strong muscle and bone, heart health, sleep patterns, emotional balance and sense of well-being. Human Growth Hormone is absolutely essential for general health, cell regeneration, healing, wellness and longevity. A growing number of hormone treatment clinics are combining HGH injections with a holistic approach that uses nutrition, exercise, anti-aging therapy, longevity treatments and stem cell regeneration.

Through an emphasis on healthy aging using bio-identical hormones and integrative medicine, these endocrine specialists hope to prevent and even reverse sign and symptoms of aging and age-related disease. To learn more about an integrative and preventative approach to medicine, contact one of our Age Management Centers by filling out the HGH information request form or call us at 1-888-763-4221

Healthy Aging in Men and Women over 40

Human Growth Hormone is Considered by many Anti-Aging Medicine Doctors as a Medical Breakthrough

One of The Major Benefits of HGH is Healthy Aging

Human Growth Hormone is now considered to be an important Anti-Aging Medical Breakthrough used by Endocrinologists, Urologists, Integrative Medical Specialists and Age Management Physicians for Hormone Replacement Therapy, Menopause treatment and Andropause therapy. HGH is being prescribed for hormonal deficiency which supports Healthy Aging in men and women over 40.

HGH Human Growth Hormone – although very controversial – is considered by some scientists, doctors and researchers to be one of the single most important protein and anabolic hormone in human development, health, regeneration, wellness and longevity. A growing number of anti-aging, longevity, age management and integrative medicine doctors successfully use HGH in treating their patients for age related health conditions and disease. Replacing low or lost endogenous hormone levels is now a common treatment protocol using the bio-identical form of recombinant DNA somatropin.

HGH Replacement in Aging Adults

Benefits of Replacing Lost HGH Human Growth Hormone

Replacing HGH in Adults. Clinical evidence and recent medical research clearly demonstrate that by replacing HGH Human growth hormone in IGF-1 deficient adults, one can significantly eliminate or decrease premature aging symptoms, reverse the biological effects of aging, reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, strengthen the immune system, improve sexual performance, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, restore hair color and thicker growth, increase bone strength and density, strengthen the heart, regenerate organs and increase energy. Anti-aging and life extension benefits of HGH use are continuing areas of medical study for those wishing to learn How to replace low HGH levels.

HGH and The Fight Against Aging

HGH and the fight against aging. There is no other substance like Human Growth Hormone known to medical science that has such extensive and well documented ability to deter and reverse the aging process. Anti-Aging benefits of human growth hormone. There is no reason to suffer the debilitating effects of age related symptoms caused by lower than normal hormone levels that men and women experience in middle age and the latter stages of life. During menopause and andropause the levels of all hormones decline to such insufficient levels as to create serious health conditions and diseases including a variety of endocrine disorders affecting sexual health, cardiovascular system. cholesterol profiles, kidneys and the immune system. As other essential hormones like testosterone, insulin, thyroid, DHEA, estrogen and progesterone become imbalanced, the body is unable to properly maintain and repair itself causing many of the ravages seen in old age. Aging men and women can fight back and through a health lifestyle, proper nutrition, reduction of stress, weight management, hormone optimization and supplementation help lessen and even prevent signs and symptoms of aging.

HGH has worked for many well-known patients. The famous actor who played Rocky and Rambo, Mr. Sylvester Stallone, a man who is in his 60’s but looks like a 37 year old athlete stated he believed HGH would be sold over the counter in 10 years and swears by its use. So does Susan Summers the sexy blonde actress from Three’s Company. HGH benefits can be seen from HGH therapy treatment to replace the hgh hormone levels that decline with age, sometimes referred to as somatopause or AGHD Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency. HGH decline is directly associated with many symptoms of aging and premature aging, including loss of sexual drive, hot flashes, mood swings, skin wrinkling, graying of the hair, hair loss, decreased energy levels, increased body fat, muscle loss, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and inability to exercise requiring treatment with hgh therapy.

Chronological age vs Biological age. Many of these aging symptoms have been associated with younger adults who have hormone deficiency where a pituitary dysfunction has caused the biological age of these adults to exceed their chronological age. Biomarkers testing for aging have shown noticeable physiological improvements in those using growth hormone over a 12 month period or more. Athletes and Hollywood stars have amply demonstrated that by replacing lost human growth hormone levels, the HGH benefits can dramatically reverse symptoms attributed to deficient levels of HGH helping to restore lean muscle mass, bone strength, a more youthful body composition, increased energy, a boost in libido, reduced body fat, relief from hot flashes, mood swings and night sweats and many other health benefits patients receive from using human growth hormone therapy treatment. Read more about the important hormone HGH Human Growth Hormone

HGH, a Miracle Drug for Youth

Can Human Growth Hormone by itself Reverse the Aging Process?

HGH is not a magic bullet, it requires a complete change in lifestyle including diet, exercise, weight comtrol, proper sleep and healthy living. Growth Hormone Treatment can restore a quality of life to those suffering form hormonal imbalance such as occurs during menopause in women and andropause in men. GH has such a powerful effect on healing and injury repair that many sports medicine doctors and orthopedic physicians use injectable somatropin along with stem cell injections to help induce more rapid healing in patients with muscle and joint injuries. The growth factors can be used with platelet rich plasma taken from a patient’s own body to increase wound healing, new cell production and regeneration. Natural HGH supplementation therefore, helps the body rgenerate, repair and heal itself more rapidly than if no or lower than ormal levels of GH were present in the body. This causes Human Growth Hormone to be described by some anti-aging medicine doctors as the key to slowing and even reversing the aging process.

HGH for Andropause and Menopause

As treatment for Andropause and menopause symptoms medical evidence demonstrates that human growth hormone can help otherwise healthy adults wil hormonal imbalances regain youth, libido, strength and vitality. Adults who have AGHD or a genuine growth hormone deficiency can expect further decline in their natural hormone levels including testosterone. With anti-aging clinics and doctors prescribing bio-identical or natural hormone replacement for medically indicated deficiencies, optimal amd balanced levels of hormones can be achieved – this isreferred to as Hormone Optimization or Anti-Aging Hormone Treatment. Anti-Aging Hormone Therapy using bio-identical growth hormones and testosterone can help boost the body’s natural defenses and immune system, encouraging faster repair and healing as many sports medicine professionals have found when injecting HGH growth factors to assist injured athletes increase healing.

HGH for Age-Related Hormonal Imbalance vs Youth Drug

HGH is not an Anti-Aging Miracle and the FDA has not approved the use of human growth hormone solely as an anti-aging therapy. HRT using somatropin is not for everyone and before you take prescription hormone medications you need to research what HGH is, exactly how it works, and the use of Growth hormone for weight loss, athletic performance, bodybuilding and aging. Anti-Aging Growth Hormone Therapy and Age Management Protocols are strictly used for adult men and women with a genuine deficiency and not as a Fountain of Youth Miracle Drug. The typical dosage of injectable HGH recommended by many anti-aging doctors is often a very low as part of a closely supervised low-dose HGH program. Human Growth Hormones may be used as part of a comprehensive Anti Aging Wellness Program that incorporates hormone optimization for aging adult men and women with low HGH levels. Many of largest integrative medicien and alternative medicine clinic and wellness centers now incorporate some kind of bio-identical hormone replacement into their programs to help alleviate symptoms caused by hormonal decline.