Side Effects and Dangers of Human Growth Hormone HGH Abuse

Avoid Using Excessive Doses of HGH to Prevent Health Problems

The Risks of Injecting Too Much Human Growth Hormone over the Short and Long Term

Too High a Dose of HGH is not Healthy. Some body builders and athletes have abused HGH by injecting excessive dosages of the hormone over very short periods of time. Too much HGH can cause health problems and adverse side effects especially over the long-term. Abuse of Human Growth Hormone by bodybuilders who stack cycles to gain muscle bulk, and professional athletes looking to increase performance has given Human Growth Hormone a reputation similar to Anabolic Steroids. However, HGH has enormous therapetic benefits other than how HGH and testosterone affect performance, weight loss and muscle building.

HGH Side Effects. Abuse of HGH Human Growth Hormone has been shown to have serious side effects which include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Edema (swelling), Water Retention, Joint Pain, Gigantism (unnatural bone growth), Bloating, Liver damage, Insulin imbalance and Thyroid problems.

Symptoms of injecting too much Growth Hormone. The symptoms listed for HGH abuse are typically experienced with higher than normal doses. You should also completely avoid HGH Therapy with Human Growth Hormone injections if you have cancer or at high risk for cancer, or have a family history of cancer. For example men with prostate cancer would not qualify for HGH therapy and should not entertain injecting growth hormone. Human Growth Hormone injections used for HGH therapy stimulate cell reproduction and regeneration which can have an amplifying and dangerous effect on a person with cancer. Although HGH doesn’t cause cancer, taking HGH unnecessarily could increase cancer risk in people predisposed to cancer or accelerated the rate of development in those that already have it. For this reason HGH abuse is a serious and controversial subject. The potential health benefits of human growth hormone should outweigh the possible risks and side effects that result from using it.

Injecting too much Growth Hormone.. Using too much HGH can cause adverse side effects and for this reason patients take the hormone under careful doctor supervision. The results of taking the hormone at normally prescribed doses when a deficiency exist are amazing for those patients suffering from a hormonal imbalance of deficiency. AGHD or Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency is an approved use and not considered HGH abuse. You can read more about using somatropin for treating hormonal deficiency at the section about Treating Growth Hormone Deficiency.

Hormone Physicians treating patients with a medically indicated need are able to monitor dosing and administration protocols to ensure patient safety and help avoid any unwanted side effects. Proper blood testing and physical exams help doctors ascertain who is a good candidate for hormone replacement and make any needed adjustment to the shots patients are taking in case they are experiencing any side effects from the therapy. Find out more about the side effects of injecting too much HGH.

Long term abuse of HGH can also cause the Pituitary glad to produce less HGH for a while, how long depends on the person, lifestyle and the abuse level.

Taking the Correct HGH Dose helps avoid unwanted side effects of the drug.

Low Dose HGH Administration under close medical supervision. Both clinical experience and numerous medical studies have shown side effects can be avoided by slow initial administration, proper monitoring of HGH levels and usage of growth hormone on a daily basis in what is called a low-dose, high frequency method or protocol. Age Management Physicians, Endocrinologists, And HRT specialists are familiar with the best hormone replacement treatment protocols. It is best to contact an HGH doctor if you are considering growth hormone replacement therapy – Doctors Who Prescribe HGH Injections

Typical Protocol of Human Growth Hormone

A typical protocol utilizing low doses has shown to have the best effects.

A typical protocol for someone over the age of 35, deficient in HGH / IGF-1, and showing signs of Andropause (see symptoms of andropause) is approximately 1IU per day, with 5 days on (Monday through Friday using 1IU per day) and 2 days off (Saturday and Sunday no usage of HGH).

Other Side Effects of HGH Abuse to be Discussed

What happens when one abuses HGH, Human Growth Hormone?
What are the side effects of HGH abuse?

Doctor Supervised HGH Therapy. Use of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) under proper medical supervision for HGH deficiency (adult onset growth hormone deficiency) is safe and will have few side effects when used properly. The risk of side effects increase when HGH is abused that is taken in higher doses without any medical supervision. A licensed physician will test your blood to ascertain your hormone levels and conduct follow up testing to ensure you are injecting the proper dose of HGH. Importantly, when you get HGH shots from your doctor, you know it is a high quality hormone drug you are injecting.

Typically the most common side effect of the excess use of HGH is acromegaly (excess growth hormone). This is a medical condition that begins with the overgrowth of facial bone and connective tissue, leading to a changed appearance due to protruding jaw and enlarged eyebrow bones. This condition also leads to an abnormal lengthening and growth of the hands and feet with an increased growth of hair all over the body. Contrary to the alleged longevity properties of HGH increasing your life, this condition of excessive HGH will shorten life expectancy considerably.

Side effects of too much HGH.

  • Acromegaly (as described in detail above)
  • Premature death (in case of acromegaly)
  • Heart enlargement (due to prolonged use of HGH. Can’t be reversed)
  • Low blood sugar with risk of going into a diabetic coma
  • Excessive hair growth all over the body
  • Excessive water retention
  • Liver damage
  • Thyroid damage
  • Diabetes onset

Read more about Injectable Human Growth Hormone.

It is always best to be safe when it comes to measuring and injecting your hormone medication. HGH injections prescribed by your physician are safe when properly administered. Should you have any questions regarding the correct Growth Hormone Injection dose or how to administer your HGH shot, don’t hesitate to contact us at Optimal Health Medical Center 1-888-763-4221

How to Order HGH – Buying Your HGH Injections Online Learn how to use growth hormone correctly, the proper dosage to inject, and how to take your shots when self-administering somatropin by subcutaneous injection. Avoid unwanted side effects of using too much GH, purchase only real GH legally by prescription to protect your health and safety. Read about How to get HGH online? and why using Human Growth Hormone shots or HGH releasers like sermorelin versus pills, sprays or supplements is the only way to significantly increase low IGF-1 levels. Why Use HGH Injections for Your Growth Hormone Therapy.

HGH Used in Proper doses vs HGH Abuse

Long-Term Health Effects of HGH and Testosterone Abuse

HGH and testosterone supplementation when taken under strict doctor supervision can provide many potential benefits. Growth hormone use and abuse on behalf of weight loss clinics, athletes and weight lifters has become a genuine concern in the United States. It is not only a question of purchasing injectable HGH legally and safely from a trusted source but a legitimate medical health concern, especially among body builders and weight lifters turning to Human Growth Hormone to gain massive muscle size. The mega doses of GH they are injecting raise their hormone levels so high as to create unwanted side effects that negatively impact their health over long-term use. Normal healthy doses of HGH do not cause the kind of effects that people abusing the drug experience. Read more about proper HGH use and dosing. HGH abuse is linked to use of anabolic steroids and other illicit drugs sold over the internet or somatropin drugs ordered from overseas websites without a prescription. Using inferior hormone drugs and Human Growth Hormone abuse using mega doses injected without a prescription can create serious health issues. Get more Human Growth Hormone facts and information.