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Testosterone Prescription. Getting a doctor’s prescription for your treatment is the first thing to do before you start a cycle of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Many patients interested in a TRT program ask, What is the difference between prescription testosterone and the so-called non-prescription testosterone, or do not know what they need to do to qualify for a testosterone prescription. Getting your blood tested, a physical exam and complete medical evaluation reviewing all of your main hormone levels is best way to start a low testosterone treatment program. If your Human Growth Hormone levels or DHEA levels are low or if your estrogen levels are too high, a complete hormone examination will help you doctor properly diagnose your hormone deficiency and design a customized therapy plan using real testosterone purchased legally and safely. Unfortunately, with a lot of negative news about Testosterone Therapy, some people may get the impression that it is a kind of illegal drug, that is somehow only gotten from overseas steroid suppliers, or gym guys and bosdy builders lifting weights, and injected in the locker room or behind closed doors in a back room somewhere. That is simply not true: Testosterone, when obtained by prescription, is a perfectly legal drug and helpful hormone medication that can be safely obtained anywhere in the United States. As long as you have a prescription from your doctor, injecting the steroid testosterone at the proper dose and frequency is legal. Like lab testing, testosterone prescriptions are part of the process of receiving hormone replacement therapy

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Obtaining Testosterone Online

You can obtain a Testosterone Prescription from your doctor, an Age Management Physician, Anti-Aging Medicine Naturopath, or an Endocrine specialist trained in HRT. So what does a testosterone prescription look like, how much does it cost, and how do you get it? We will try to answer these and other questions, associated with getting testosterone prescriptions and buying injections online. We are the Testosterone Experts and have treated thousands of men experiencing low t, hypogonadism and erectile dysfunction successfully using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. We can help you with testing, diagnoses and treatment. If you need help getting a prescription for testosterone or HGH from your doctor, we can help you. Read more about how to get a prescription for testosterone from your physician. Our TRT clinics offer testing for Low T and sell high quality testosterone medications from approved hormone drug companies that are legally marketing testosterone replacement drugs so you can obtain them safely through your specialist including auxiliary medication like HCG (Human Chorionic Gonaditropin), Testosterone Supplements, SERM’s or estrogen inhibiting or blocking products, HGH injections, growth hormone releasers like Sermorelin Acetate, and natural low t boosters that help increase low testosterone levels.

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Below we answer inquiries about Testosterone products and questions about how to get them online. As a patient, you need to compare prices and find information about prescription drugs used to treat Testosterone Replacement (TRT). Review the methods for testosterone replacement and treatment options available to both men and women looking to supplement or boost low t levels.

Can I get Testosterone Online? Cypionate Sales, Enanthate Sales and Propionate Sales

Yes, you can get real Testosterone online, we at Optimal Health Medical can help you and there are many places on the Internet providing Testosterone for sale. However, you need to be sure you are getting genuine, high quality Testosterone products to ensure potency and safety. For this reason it is illegal to buy Testosterone online without going through the proper steps and obtaining a prescription from a licensed medical professional.

You should only buy real testosterone and human growth hormone in injectable form from a reputable hormone therapy clinic or licensed medical practice like Optimal Health Medical with extensive bioidentical hormone experience.

Optimal Health Medical doctors are Mayo Clinic® and Cenegenics® trained with over 20 years of experience treating patients for Testosterone Deficiency – we can help you! Be safe and fill out the info request form for a Free Testosterone Consultation or call us at 1-888-763-4221 for more information on how to get Testosterone online. Below we discuss the steps to getting Testosterone.

How To Get Real Prescription Testosterone Injections Legally

Buying Testosterone Online Legally. The process to buy testosterone injections is simple if you qualify for treatment and have a prescription. We only sell FDA-Approved Testosterone Products to ensure your safety and health. Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy can help men boost their testosterone levels back into the normal range. If you have been suffering from testosterone deficiency and have Andropause symptoms or Hypogonadism, you will start to feel and look better once you start your Testosterone Therapy. Your sex drive and energy levels will come back. You can work out and rebuild muscle and lose weight. You will be in a better mood and feel motivated to do things and pursue relationships. Testosterone treatment is a health rejuvenation therapy for men with Low T. Age Management Physicians, Male Hormone Therapists and Anti-Aging Doctors are incorporating Testosterone and other types of hormone replacement therapy like HGH, the Human Growth Hormone into a holistic approach to male aging. Remember that testosterone prescriptions for men can be obtained with an endocrinologist, urologist or anti-aging doctor specializing in male hormone therapy. A legal prescription to get testosterone online will provided once the patient is properly tested and diagnosed with testosterone deficiency, also known as “Low T” or hypogonadism. The blood test for measuring below normal androgen levels is fast and easy. It will tell you and your physician if your total and free testosterone levels are within the normal range. You can read more about Testosterone Lab Testing, diagnosing Andropause and the most common symptoms of Low T in Men. Follow the steps below to begin your Low T Therapy online today.

    • Fill out the online Low T Info Request Form for a Free Consultation.
    • A Health Advisers will contact you to discuss your needs, the details of Testosterone Injections and other hormone replacement therapy options and costs.
    • Your Health Adviser will schedule lab work to have your blood tested for Low T, as well as a physical exam, and ensure you have your medical history form filled out.
    • Your Hormone Physician will evaluate your lab work, medical history and physical exam results to determine if Testosterone Injections or other hormone replacement therapy is appropriate.
    • If you are diagnosed with Low Testosterone or Hypogonadism, your physician will develop a personalized Testosterone Treatment program and prescribe your hormone medications.
    • The pharmacy will deliver your Testosterone Treatment program to your home or office by next day delivery. Buying Testosterone Online

Optimal Health Medical is managed by reputable Board Certified medical doctors who are Mayo Clinic® and Cenegenics® trained in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. The Testosterone we prescribe is manufactured by the best FDA-Approved manufacturers. Pfizer, Paddock, Watson and Sandoz are the major producers of high quality injectable Testosterone medication products.

Testosterone is not illegal if you go through one of our licensed medical doctors. We will send you to a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement in our network to get a physical exam and have your blood drawn to ascertain your testosterone hormone levels. You will also fill out a medical history form to document your symptoms and family history of medical issues. With this information your doctor can make the determination as to the level and doses required for the testosterone therapy you will need.

Do I need a doctor's prescription for real Testosterone?

Yes, you need a prescription from a licensed medical provider to get real prescription Testosterone legally and safely. If you have a medical need and get a prescription from a licensed physician for Testosterone Therapy you can have Testosterone injection medications shipped to your home or office by over night or second day delivery via Fedex or UPS.

If you have any questions about buying Testosterone, getting Testosterone Injections online, or ordering Testosterone medications with a prescription, please call the Testosterone Specialists at 1-888-763-4221.

Testosterone Injection Types available for Sale Online

Getting the proper type of Testosterone for your Therapy

Purchasing Testosterone Cypionate Injections, Enanthate and Propionate

How to order Testosterone Shots Online from Watson, Paddock, Sandoz and Pfizer

Get Enanthate Injections for Low T Therapy

Testosterone Enanthate Injections Chemical Name is 4-androsten-3-one-17beta-ol 17beta-hydroxy-a ndrost-4-en-3-one. Testosterone enanthate is considered a slow-acting injectable androgen testosterone steroid with moderate estrogenic side effects where excess testosterone is aromatised in a man’s body to estrogen accompanied by low progestational activity. Enanthtate has a half-life about 8 days after injection and is taken as a deep intramuscular injection. The shot offers a sustained release of testosterone hormone into the bloodstream for a 2 to 3 week period. As with all testosterone injectables, testosterone enanthate is prescribed by HRT doctors for its efficiency in optimizing male androgen levels. Enathate injectables are supplied in dosages ranging from 50 mg/ml, 100 mg/ml, 200 mg/ml, or 250 mg/ml of testosterone steroid soluble in sesame or cottonseed oil.

Preventing Aromatization of Testosterone. Your doctor will prescribe estrogen blockers like Armidex or Anastrozole, Nolvadex and anti-estrogens such as Clomid or Tamoxifen Citrate to mitigate any estrogenic side effects. The aromatase enzyme is convert testosterone raising estrogen levels in the blood that produce unwanted side effects like raised water retention, weight gain, and gynecomastia. Too much testosterone in the blood could cause androgenic side effects like aggression, oily skin, acne, and excessive hair growth. Your physician will monitor any testosterone treatment dosage and make adjustments as need to mitigate unwanted side effects of testosterone replacement therapy. HCG or Human Chorionic Gonaditropin is used to help prevent Low T Treatment side effects. While it is true that HCG is prescribed for enhancing male and female fertility, HCG Injections are also prescribed in TRT programs and are an essential part of helping optimize deficient T levels – Buy HCG Injections Online

Buy Testosterone Cypionate - Get Testosterone Therapy for Low T Symptoms

Legal HGH searches

Buying Testosterone Cypionate If you are a man with low t symptoms who has been diagnosed with andropause or hypogonadism then you may be interested in where you can buy testosterone cypionate. This hormone medication is a substance that requires a prescription and high quality testosterone is not available in many locations outside the United States.

Many patients buy it from local hormone doctors and online over the internet. The main thing is to realize testosterone is a powerful steroid and you should only purchase it from a reputable US-based, licensed pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription. In a doctor-supervised hormone replacement program, you can better insure you are getting the proper dose and highest quality of testosterone on the market. Your TRT physician will assist you in learning how to take your testosterone injections.

Testosterone Pricing

    •  The prices for testosterone drugs and injectables will vary depending on your current hormone levels, your age, size and weight but your physician will discuss your testosterone treatment options with you. Depending upon the dose and frequency of injection, the price will vary. You can purchase testosterone treatments for daily use, weekly or bi-weekly injection. You and your doctor will consider your dosage, your length of the cycle, and the potency of the hormone product. 

Where to get a Testosterone Prescription

Buying Testosterone Injections Online With your testosterone prescription, you can to get your injectable testosterone very quickly. Before you decide to buy testosterone products online you should evaluate all the treatment options. Most men report having the best results from injections but you may wish to explore testosterone creams or gels like Testim® and Androgel®. testosterone pills are not usually prescribed as they can have a toxic affect on the liver. Instead doctor prescribe testosterone patches like Testosderm® and Adroderm®, buccal adhesive gum and pellet implants. Some of the low t treatment creams, gel and patches you can buy online don’t provide the absorption or comfort men need so they prefer the injectable form of testosterone therapy. There is little doubt among most men that the injectable form of therapy is the most effective. You can contact our physicians medical center to ask about purchasing cypionate injections, or if you don’t mind a more frequent administration cycle, ask about enanthate shots or the propionate injectables we have for sale.

A discussion on subcutaneous vs intramuscular shots is located in Injecting Testosterone and HGH section.


Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Natural Testosterone levels decline with age and the symptoms can become overwhelming for most men who are used to being strong, productive and active. Hypogonadism (Low T) or Andropause is very common in men over 35 but many men don’t pay attention to the signs or dismiss the symptoms as a part of aging. Once the health problems like feeling tired all day, erectile dysfunction, lost libido, flabby muscles, extreme fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, moodiness and depression become unbearable, men then seek out medical attention and treatment. Some of the main signs and symptoms that cause men to go out and get testosterone treatment are:

      • Lost libido and erectile dysfunction
      • Loss of lean muscle mass and strength.
      • Low energy and feeling exhausted all day.
      • Rapid weight gain and fat around the belly.
      • Inability to exercise or recover from workouts.
      • Mood swings, withdrawal, depression and sadness.

A good Testosterone replacement therapy program will help alleviate and even reverse many of these andropausal signs and symptoms. Many men report improvement almost immediately, while others see results after 2 to 3 months of low t treatment. If HCG and HGH injections are also prescribed, then results from treatment may be even more dramatic as these hormone therapies are highly complementary.

Get Testosterone Injections Online

Real Testosterone injections for sale Cypionate, Enanthate and Propionate injectables can be purchased online with a doctor’s prescription for Low T Therapy. While Depo-Testosterone is one of the most popular cypionate testosterones. There are a variety of dosages and FDA-approved manufactures for Testosterone Enanthate and Propionate injections as well. If you asked, Where can I get Testosterone onlineOptimal Health Medical Hormone Center can help you buy your testosterone injections for treatment at the best possible price safely and legally. Patients are always asking can I buy testosterone legally just like other steroids online. Although testosterone is a steroid, the true medication prescribed by a medical doctor it is not like the other bodybuilding products you find online being purchased from overseas, or other suppliers importing unverified products medicines for sale on the internet. Only FDA approved medications that are safe may be prescribed for replacement therapy. Buy Testosterone Legally Online We have Testosterone for Sale specials and you can save on the price of a bio-identical Testosterone Treatment Programs and HGH Hormone Therapy programs when you take advantage of the special pricing. We also offer discount pharmacy refills on certain injectable testosterone and HGH therapy medications as part of select Bio-Identical HRT programs. Testosterone for Sale

How much do Testosterone Injections Cost?

The price of Testosterone Therapy. The cost for real prescription drug medications used for Testosterone treatments can vary depending upon the brand of testosterone you buy, the dose of the shot and frequency of injection. Depending upon your individualized prescription testosterone pricing can be from $150 per month up to $600 per month. Contact our Low T Medical center to ask any questions about buying meds, getting a prescription and the cost of TRT.

Low T Therapy Side Effects

Testosterone Therapy Side Effects Like all steroids there can be great benefits but there can also be side effects if the wrong dosage is taken or your doctor’s instructions are ignored. Any side effects can usually be alleviated by adjusting the testosterone dose or injection frequency. Testosterone is a powerful anabolic steroid drug and using the wrong dose or abusing testosterone can cause signs and symptoms such as headaches, oily skin, acne, hair loss, fatigue, over aggressive behavior, water retention edema, estrogen dominance (aromatization), man boobs, sleep problems, and depressive mood which can also be caused by other prescription drug medications where side effects are common.

Testosterone Pills vs Injections

Testosterone Pills. You can buy pills online and they are all over the internet with no prescription needed because many of these pills don’t contain any prescription testosterone or hormone drug medication. The natural testosterone boosters you see advertised on TV and online are supplements that don’t provide the benefits of real testosterone. Only highest quality meds with genuine male sex hormone like the androgen steroid testosterone . With our HRT physicians you can easily and quickly order your medicines. Buying real testosterone online is not the same process as getting pills. To reverse the symptoms of low t or hypogonadism, prescription strength meds will help testosterone levels be restored. Purchase testosterone injections with our online ordering process for low t. However, remember to have your prescription as it is illegal to buy real testosterone online without going through the legal steps of obtaining a prescription from a licensed medical professional. Call us to find how you can get testosterone prescribed and explore all the types of Low T Treatment options. Testosterone Treatment Options

Getting Testosterone - Online Sales

Get Testosterone Injections Online, Get Testosterone Cypionate for Sale Online, Get Testosterone Enanthate for Sale Online.

Get Low Testosterone Therapy from Optimal Health Testosterone Replacement Doctors

    • Fill out the info request form
    • Get your blood test and physical exam.
    • Have your Testosterone Doctor’s consultation to determine if you have deficient Testosterone levels (LOW T).
    • Testosterone Prescription is filled and pharmacy sends Injectable Testosterone Treatment kit including Testosterone injections directly to you by overnight delivery.

Hormone replacement with injectable testosterone can help men with low t. If you are suffering from symptoms due to menopause or andropause, hormonal imbalance or deficiency explore bio-identical testosterone therapy options. Call Optimal Health Medical today for more information about Testosterone Hormone Therapy treatment programs at 1-888-763-4221.

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