Growth Hormone Secretagogues

Growth hormone secretagogues such as CJC-1295/Ipamorelin stimulate the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland. Unlike injectable growth hormone, secretagogues stimulate the release of naturally produced growth hormone, essentially working with your body instead of replacing its natural processes. Growth hormone secretagogues are peptides or short chains of amino acids developed by reverse pharmacology to rejuvenate the growth hormone/ IGF axis and restore some of the myriad benefits that higher hormone levels can produce. Benefits that were gradually lost in the aging process. Studies have demonstrated that the changes in growth hormone release associated with aging are due to decreased growth hormone release, not resistance to growth hormone effects. This finding opens the door for the pharmaceutical development of peptides to stimulate the natural release of growth hormones.


The pituitary gland secretes growth hormone. Growth hormone stimulates the breakdown of fat cells and the conversion of glycogen to glucose. Breaking down fat cells and releasing glucose from the liver provides energy for cells to grow and reproduce.

Growth hormone also stimulates the release of IGF-1 from the liver. IGF-1 targets bone cells, muscle cells, nervous system cells, and immune cells by stimulating these cells to increase their uptake of amino acids (building blocks of protein) to enhance cellular growth.

Overall, growth hormone by stimulating the release of IGF-1 from the liver has the following effects:

  • Building muscle mass, which increases strength
  • Burning fat for energy, which increases energy levels and endurance and keeps weight under control
  • Increasing bone density
  • Promoting testicular growth and development and stimulating the production of male and female sex hormones
  • Increasing exercise capacity
  • Strengthening cardiac muscle
  • Thickening skin which can help prevent wrinkles
  • Affecting brain function and fluid memory (Devesa et al., 2016).

It is easy to see the correlation between the functions of growth hormone, the drop in growth hormone levels as we age, and the symptoms of aging. This is why research is ongoing to evaluate the potential of peptides as anti-aging molecules.


The following adverse effects were reported:

  • Injection site reactions: redness, irritation, pain or itching, which all resolved spontaneously (70%)
  • Headaches (63%)
  • Diarrhea (43%)
  • Flushing, warmth, or low blood pressure (30%)
  • Fatigue and water retention have been reported in other studies (Neobiolab Research, 2015).

All of these side effects were at high doses of CJC-1295 (125 or 250 μg/kg), and no serious adverse effects were reported, even at high doses (Teichman et al., 2006). Of note, the study was funded by ConjuChem. In a separate study, when 20 healthy men were injected with a 60-μg/kg dose of CJC-1295, no serious adverse effects were observed (Ionescu & Frohman, 2006).


Benefits of CJC-1295 are based on animal studies and include:

  • Increased bone density
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Improved sleep
  • A boosting of protein synthesis (Neobiolab Research, 2015).


CJC-1295 is used off-label to counter the side-effects of aging. CJC-1295 requires a prescription. This requirement does not mean that no sellers are offering CJC-1295/Ipamorelin at discounted prices and without a prescription. They hope to take advantage of anyone willing to purchase peptides without knowing its chemical composition and ensuring that the peptide is a good choice to meet their needs without any medical contraindications.

When you have a telemedicine consultation with a licensed medical provider at Invigor Medical, they will discuss any medical conditions you might have; medications, supplements, or herbal products that might interact with CJC-1295/Ipamorelin; and the risks and benefits you can expect from CJC-1295/Ipamorelin.

In addition to ensuring that your health care provider is licensed and informed, you would also want to check the pharmacy’s status. In addition to being US-based, the pharmacy that fulfills the order when you buy CJC-1295 online must be fully licensed and reputable, compliant with relevant state and federal requirements for operation.  You should be able to check the pharmacy’s license status at the relevant state health department’s website.