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Serono Serostim HGH Injections - Human Growth Hormone Injections used for HGH Therapy - Order Serono Serostim

Serono offers Serostim® [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection]

Serono offers the only growth hormone approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of HIV-associated wasting or cachexia. Through SeroCare®, Serono offers comprehensive support to healthcare providers and patients including education and appropriate access to care and treatment.

   Serostim HGH Pens - Human Growth Hormone Injections used for HGH Therapy - Order Serono Serostim   Serostim HGH Pens - Human Growth Hormone Injections used for HGH Therapy - Order Serono Serostim

Serostim®(recombinant human growth hormone) works by interacting with specific cells to restore and build lean body mass (LBM). LBM includes muscle, organ tissue (excluding fat), and body fluids.

Serostim® form Serono is the only growth hormone approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of AIDS wasting or cachexia. Serostim® is mammalian cell-derived and produced using recombinant technology.

HGH Medical Clinical trials show that Serostim® has been effective in the treatment of AIDS wasting or cachexia. FDA approval is based on clinical studies up to 12 weeks in duration that analyzed body weight and lean body mass as an intermediate measure of Serostim®'s efficacy for AIDS wasting. A further study is underway to evaluate the full impact of Serostim® on patients' physical endurance and quality of life.

Serostim® must be used in conjunction with antiretroviral therapy. 76% of patients evaluated at week 2 of treatment had weight gain. Patients who continue to lose weight at week 2 should be reevaluated for concurrent opportunistic infections or other clinical events. The recommended duration of treatment is 12 weeks. No significant additional treatment benefit was observed in patients receiving therapy beyond 12 weeks. There are no data available from studies for patients who start, stop and restart treatment.

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Serostim HGH For Sale Online

Buy Serostim® HGH Online - HGH Human Growth Hormone Injections

Sazien HGH from Merck EMD Serono, is one of the most popular and effective HGH Treatments used by hormone replacement specialists throughout the United States. Buy Serostim HGH Therapy programs licensed endocrine physicians specializing in bio-identical hormones for adult hormone deficient patients who need a high quality prescription somatropin for injection like Serostim® for hormone deficiency treatment. Serono's Serostim Serostim is also available by prescription online. Contact one of our Hormone Treatment Clinics to buy injectable HGH call for getting a doctor's prescription for Serostim injections online.

Serostim Injections - How to Buy Serostim HGH Online

Where to get real Serostim® Injections Online | HGH.bz

EMD Merck Serono makes Serostim® Injections. Find out how and where to legally buy real Serostim injections online with your doctor's prescription. Read more about the new easy to use Serostim growth hormone injection pen devices from EMD Merck Serono such as One.Click®, Easy.Click® and Cool.Click® HGH Pens.

Ordering Serostim® Injections | HGH.bz

Serostim® HGH Injections for Sale. Where to Buy Serostim's Human Growth Hormone Online for HGH Therapy Treatment? Fill out the order information form or contact us at one of our Hormone Treatment Offices to learn how and where to purchase real HGH legally at the best possible price with your prescription. Our medical staff are available to discuss bio-identical hormone replacement programs and HGH at 1-888-763-4221.

How much does Serostim® (Somatropin rDNA) cost?

Prescription Serostim Injections Online - Real Human Growth Hormone

The cost of Serostim® Injections depends upon the dosage of human growth hormone prescribed for your treatment program by your doctor. Many times adjustments to medication dosages require additions to the originally prescribed dose. Another factor in the price of HGH treatment is the delivery method you select. Some of the new auto-injection pens like Easy Click, One Click and Cool Click pens offer great convenience for self-injection. These HGH injection systems cost more than the traditional needle, syringe and vial normally used. Your hormone physician will tailor a program best suitable to your needs and treatment budget. Before you Buy Serostim® HGH injections online, contact us to get all the information on Merck's Serostim® HGH treatment options so you can make a fully educated decision about HGH replacement therapy. With your HRT prescription you can buy Serostim® HGH Injection Therapy programs from licensed endocrine specialists for adult hormone deficiency who specifically desire injectable Serostim® HGH for bio-identical hormone deficiency treatment. Our HRT clinic provides the lowest prices for Serostim pen devices and HGH powder vial kits for injection from our online ordering system with your prescription. EMD Serono Serostim HGH Kits contain syrunge, needle, bacteriostatic water, lyophilized HGH powder, 126iu 7 or 6mg somatropin vials. Read more about Merck Serono HGH

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