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HGH Injections and HGH Prescriptions for Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone Therapy

Growth Hormone Therapy - Treating Andropause and Menopause Hormone Imbalance in Aging Adult Men & Women

Growth Hormone exists in the body naturally. It is produced by the pituitary gland and is responsible for regulating muscle and bone growth, sugar metabolism, and body fluids. Humans have the most of this hormone when they are adolescents, and it drops sharply when they are fully developed. People who want to gain muscle mass quickly have been utilizing growth hormone for many years. As we discuss below there is no good substitute for taking real Human Growth Hormone in its injectable form Somatropin but when taken in the right concentration or in combination with hormone injections, GHRH releasing agents such as peptides Sermorelin and Ipamorelin, GHRP, IGF-1 Amino Proteins, HGH supplements and pills can be effective. There are three basic types of human growth hormone, or HGH: that which is administered by a age management phsycians, anti-aging doctors and endocrinologists, sports medicine physicians or other doctor who focuses on human growth replacement therapy; the illegal type of HGH which is not FDA-approved or formulated correctly, and fake HGH shots and supplements that can be purchased over-the-counter or online without a prescription and contain no authentic Human growth Horone in them. One effective alternative to prescription somatropin injections are the HGH peptides Sermorelin and IGF-1 injections, although some natural anti-aging HGH supplements with amino acids you can purchase online.

Benefits of Taking Growth Hormone Injections

The most effective form of HRT Therapy is with the injectable form of Human Growth Hormone, Somatropin. Injections introduce the GH directly into the blood stream without having to pass through the mouth, stomach or liver. There is no substitute for taking HGH that compares to somatropin shots. All other natural forms can be helpful in increasing low IGF-1 and endogenous or natural GH levels but for those adults with a medical requirement such as AGHD, menopause or Andropaue, buying HGH for sale should be primarily by injection. You can read patient reviews of HGH treatment options at Patient Reviews of HGH.

Genotropin HGH Injections from Pfizer including the MiniQuick Pen and Goquick pen are prescribed for HGH Replacement Therapy. It is a medication indicated for the relief of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, Menopause Treatment, Andropause Treatment

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Adults with HGH Symptoms are prescribed Genotropin Injections. How to mix, use and buy Genotropin.

Omnitrope HGH Injections from Sandoz including the Omnitrope Pen 5mg and Omnitrope pen 10mg are prescribed for HGH Replacement Therapy. It is a medication indicated for the relief of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, Menopause Treatment, Andropause Treatment

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Adults with HGH Symptoms are prescribed Omnitrope Injections. How to mix, use and buy Omnitrope.

Saizen HGH Injections from Merck EMD Serono including the Saizen Click.Easy Pen and Saizen Cool.Click2 are prescribed for HGH Replacement Therapy. It is a medication indicated for the relief of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, Menopause Treatment, Andropause Treatment

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Adults with HGH Symptoms are prescribed Saizen Injections. How to mix, use and buy Saizen.

Humatrope HGH Injections from Eli Lilly including the Humatropens 6mg, 12mg 24mg and 36mg are prescribed for HGH Replacement Therapy. It is a medication indicated for the relief of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, Menopause Treatment, Andropause Treatment

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Adults with HGH Symptoms are prescribed Genotropin Injections. How to mix, use and buy Humatrope.

Norditropin HGH Injections from Novo Nordisk including the Norditropin Flexpro and Norditropin Nordiflex pens are prescribed for HGH Replacement Therapy. It is a medication indicated for the relief of Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, Menopause Treatment, Andropause Treatment

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Adults with HGH Symptoms are prescribed Norditropin Injections. How to mix, use and buy Norditropin.

Benefits of Taking a Growth Hormone Supplement

Effective supplements offer many benefits. Essentially, they make the organs in the body behave as if they were much younger. These are some of the benefits people see when they take an over the counter growth hormone supplement:

  • Accumulating muscle mass is easier
  • Blood pressure decreases to a normal range
  • Hair and skin are healthier so a person appears younger
  • Sleep and mood improve
  • The risk of developing type 2 diabetes decreases
  • Energy and endurance increase to make exercising for longer periods of time easier
  • Improves the immune system to fight off illnesses

Younger people are less susceptible to injuries than older adults because of the presence of high level of growth hormone in their bodies. Their cells regenerate more quickly and when they are hurt, they heal much faster than older athletes. When older people supplement with growth hormone, they are able to reach higher fitness levels because their body behaves like it is younger. Older people who take these supplements are healthier because their immune system is stronger. Whether the goal is to be stronger and healthier or to compete at a higher level in athletics, one form of HGH Supplements may be the answer.

HGH Oral Sprays

  • HGH Sprays for Sale. Antler Velvet. One particular form of HGH has gotten a lot of attention recently. Famous athletes like Ray Lewis and Vijay Singh have reportedly used Deer Antler spray to help them recover from their injuries. The effects are achieved through the small amount of insulin-like growth factor 1 that is present in red meats as well. Chinese medicine has depended on the antlers of deer for centuries. Because of the method of absorption, this supplement is not tested for or banned in any U.S. professional sport. Several studies around the world have found this supplement to be an effective way to improve endurance, heart strength and muscle repair. Although it was originally used for medicine in China 2,000 years ago and later across Asia, this supplement has more recently been used by athletes around the world who are looking for a way to get the benefits of growth hormone without violating the anti-doping rules of their sports organization.


  • Human Growth Hormone Products for Sale Another spray that has been shown to be somewhat effective for athletes and others is Sytropin HGH but is no substitute for genuine injectable growth hormone. By combining highly-effective amino acid releasers and HGH, Sytropin is marketed as one of the best supplements on the market but has no pharmaceutical grade Human Growth Hormone it. Like antler velvet, this supplement comes in a spray that is not banned by any amateur or professional sports organizations in the United States. It is available online or in some health stores without a doctor’s prescription. Although health supplements are not regulated by the Federal Drug Administration, Sytropin is packaged in a Food and Drug Administration compliant facility so people who use it can be sure they are getting a safe product but simply not an effective hormone replacement treatment.

Other Natural Growth Hormone Products

  • Serovital: One of the newest HGH products, Serovital claims include ten US patents as well as a 600% increase in growth hormone levels. In researching this article we attempted to determine the basis for these claims and while there is a section regarding the science behind their product on the Serovital website we were unable to determine if this study was on SeroVital itself or just it’s ingredients.
  • GenF20 Plus: Marketed as one of the best anti aging hormone releasers on the market today, GenF20Plus is produced by anti-aging supplement vitamin producers and has no real HGH in it. For effective hormone therapy, non-prescription GenF20 Plus is not doctor recommended.

Because of the low levels of growth hormone, it may take a few months to see the effects of these HGH supplements. However, some effects may be noticeable within a couple of weeks. Although users won’t likely see an increase in muscle mass immediately, many people report getting more restful sleep and having more energy after only using it for a short period of time. By using the spray consistently, according to the recommended dosage instructions, most people will see very pleasing results over time.

HGH takes many forms. The most effective, of course, is administered through an injection by a licensed physician. However, only certain people will qualify for this treatment. It is generally not an elective procedure. Use of this method is highly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration as well as sports organizations because it is very potent and gives players an unfair advantage. However, both amateur and professional athletes are very competitive and always looking for a way to improve their performance without violation their organization’s rules. Read about HGH Human Growth Hormone including injectable somatropin, supplements, Sermorelin, IGF-1, GHRP 2 and 6, and the pill form. The only type of HGH you can buy without a prescription or permissable in professional sports for athletes and others who want Natural HGH Supplements are the pills and sprays. Sports medicine doctors may use the injections to help them recover from sports injuries more quickly which only injected HGH provides growth factor healing benefits never received from a spray.

HGH Pills for Sale HGH is the closest thing to a fountain of youth available today. It helps cells regenerate more quickly and can even improve immunity so people are less likely to develop age-related illnesses. People are living longer than ever and they want to be healthy long into their elderly years. With the help of a growth hormone supplement, adults who no longer produce a large amount of growth hormone naturally can get the boost teens do based solely on their age. While it might not completely reverse the clock, HGH may help an older person look and feel younger so they can participate in activities the enjoy for a longer period of time.


Treating Menopause and Andropause with HGH Therapy Men and women experiencing the symptoms of aging and hormonal imbalance ask What is Human Growth Hormone HGH? and How can HGH Therapy help me? Is HGH for Aging or an Anti-Aging Supplement? Do I need injectable HGH or do HGH sprays or pills like GHR1000®, Sytropin®, GenFx® or genF20 Plus® work?

Human Growth Hormone is needed for optimal health. One thing is for certain HGH balance is important for a sense of well-being when men and women get older. Adults older than 40 should check their HGH levels and restore them with hormone replacement therapy if needed because HGH is necessary for having a quality of life as people age. HGH is not prescribed purely as an anti-aging treatment but aging adults with a deficiency should consider HGH Human Growth Hormone to help prevent premature aging and to help reverse aging symptoms. Continue reading to learn more about HGH Therapy or fill out the hormone treatment info request form for more info.

Human growth hormone is an anabolic hormone, meaning it induces growth. It is primarily released in the first half of sleep by the pituitary gland (a small endocrine gland located at the base of the brain). It stimulates growth in most body tissues, primarily due to increases in cell number rather than size.2 This includes skeletal muscle mass. It also stimulates the breakdown of fat tissue, usually producing noticeable fat loss during treatment.2 Although it induces muscle growth, much like testosterone, it is also different than testosterone in many ways. Primarily, it is a peptide, not a single molecule like testosterone. Specifically, HGH is composed of a string of 191 molecules known as amino acids. This complexity makes outside synthesis difficult. Because the synthesis is difficult, it is far more expensive than testosterone. Replacement therapy for GH deficiency costs around $10,000 per year. Additionally, since it is a peptide, injectable HGH is the only viable form. All other forms, such as oral or inhalable forms, would be broken down by gastric acid in the stomach into its individual amino acid components. Thus, these forms would not produce any changes. It is important to state this fact again, oral pills and inhalable sprays are completely ineffective.

HGH used for Hormone Treatment

What is Human Growth Hormone Therapy?

What is HGH ? Many patients new to hormone replacement ask "What is Human Growth Hormone Therapy?". Simply, HGH Therapy is the process of naturally restoring your declining level of Human Growth Hormones to the optimal levels similar to those you had when you were younger. Hormone replacement physicians use bio-identical hormones to replenish your lost HGH. As you replace these low levels of growth hormone, you improve your quality of life. You begin to feel better and look better. Human Growth Hormone has many health benefits you get as a result of HGH therapy. HGH treatment helps to rejuvenate, restore and maintain your body and mind. The HGH Doctors at Optimal Health Medical can answer your questions as to What is HGH? and What is Human Growth Hormone Therapy?.

HGH Anti-Aging

Is Human Growth Hormone The Fountain Of Youth?

Human Growth Hormone is one of Hollywood's greatest so called anti-aging secrets because celebrities like Susan Somers and Sylvester Stallone among others have become big proponents of HRT including HGH therapy and testosterone replacement therapy touting Growth Hormone and testosterone's anti-aging and anabolic effects. Human growth hormone is not an overnight solution to aging but is an important medical protocol proven in numerous clinical studies to have potential health benefits that people in the mainstream may perceive to be incredible anti-aging and anabolic affects. This is how HGH has gained its reputation as a the fountain of youth drug that could turn the clock back 20 years. You can read about using HGH for the replacement of low or lost hormones at Replacing Human Growth Hormone

Taking HGH Injections

What is an HGH Shot and how does it work?

HGH is a hormone that is injected subcutaneously, the fatty tissue, usually in the belly. Human Growth hormone also known as Somatotropin, Somatropin, Somatropina, GH and HGH is a hormone that is normally secreted by your anterior pituitary gland. A deficiency in HGH can be determined through the human growth hormone blood test prescribed by your HGH doctor. The test measures IGF-1 levels in the blood and a low level can cause all kinds of hormone related symptoms such as fatigue, loss of libido, weight gain or obesity, loss of muscle or muscle tone, moodiness, depression, impotence, wrinkles, dry skin, insomnia, memory loss, vision problems, bone density loss, higher bad cholesterol, premature aging, hair loss, brittle nails, a weaker cardiovascular and immune system affecting healing and recovery.

HGH, the Hormone

Human Growth Hormone In Detail

Somatotropin or Growth Hormone (GH), what is more popularly known as Human Growth Hormone or HGH for short, is created in the base and center of the brain, more specifically in the back part of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland has primarily two lobes, the anterior or front lobe and posterior, the back lobe. Human Growth Hormone is made in the back of the front lobe of the Pituitary Gland.

Human Growth Hormone HGH is a delicate, unique and important hormone protein which is the largest in the body and has a variety of beneficial purposes in the human body - the most important feature is the stimulation of the growth, development and regeneration of cells throughout the human body.

HGH Testing. If you think your Growth Hormone Levels are low and you are in need of HGH Treatment, get an HGH test: Human Growth Hormone Level Testing. Optimal Health HGH Clinic Doctors can help determine if you can benefit from HGH Therapy by determining your hGH / IGF-1 levels through use of a simple, fast blood test - What are my IGF-1 HGH Levels? Find out if you may be hormone deficient with a Growth Hormone Test so you can take corrective action and better manage the aging process.

Can HGH Reverse the Aging Process

HGH and Healthy Aging for Adult Men and Women

HGH Therapy is an Age Management tool your physician can use to keep you feeling young and healthy. As you age, natural growth hormone declines and your body is unable to secrete sufficient levels of the hormone, symptoms of hormonal imbalance will begin to appear. In women, menopause is a period of life marked by hormonal change and human growth hormone is one of those impacted along with estrogen, progesterone, DHEA and thyroid. In men, as they go through Andropause, which is the male menopause, they too start to feel the negative effects of low growth hormone levels. You can read more about the impacts of AGHD or Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency and how HGH Therapy Treats Growth Hormone Deficiency in Men & Women

Sermorelin GHRP6 Releasing Agent. A wonderful complementary treatment to Human Growth Hormone are Growth Hormone Releasing drugs like Sermorelin Acetate. These help boost HGH levels and also come as hormone injections. Get Sermorelin Acetate Injections

Human Growth Hormone Therapy can help if you have Menopause or Andropause - Check your Growth Hormone Status and Get HGH Injections if you need them.

Why use HGH?

My Doctor says I need HGH Therapy

Will HGH help keep me looking and feeling youthful?

Many patients who use human growth hormone (HGH) report that it keeps them feeling and looking youthful. Medical experts say that HGH (somatropin) produced by the pituitary gland spurs growth in children and adolescents and is essential to health in adults. HGH helps to regulate body repair, maintenance and composition ensuring proper functioning of the body including muscle and bone growth, fat metabolism, glucose synthesis and storage, cardiovascular, cerebro and immuno functions. While injectable growth hormone is not specifically prescribed for anti-aging, there are many anti-aging health benefits for those who do take HGH. Anti-Aging Benefits of HGH

Using Injectable Growth Hormone

The HGH Injection. Produced by FDA-Approved manufacturers, HGH is the active ingredient in rDna Somatropin for Injection, a prescription drug obtained through your hormone physician and available as supplements, pills and sprays as well over the Internet. The most effective form of HGH is the injectable form as HGH pills and sprays need to pass through the stomach and liver losing much if not all of their potency and beneficial HGH effect. To read more about getting real HGH results, visit the Results of Using HGH.

What is the Best Kind of HGH

Should I Buy HGH Injections, HGH Pills or HGH Sprays?

Why Human Growth Hormone Injections vs Pills vs Sprays?

Human Growth Hormone injections are the only effective form of Human Growth Hormone therapy. Although there are many vitamin shops and online stores selling Human Growth Hormone pills or sprays - even in the highest dosages these are not effective to increase HGH levels back up into optimal ranges. Most patients who try Human Growth Hormone pills or sprays but do not experience the health benefits of genuine Human Growth Hormone Therapy that real hgh affords. For genuine HGH results that you can see and feel, use real injectable growth hormone.

Injecting HGH

Taking Your HGH Shots

How do you administer injectable Human Growth Hormone?

With the new HGH injections pens, Human Growth Hormone injections are simple to administer and pain free. Human Growth Hormone injections are normally taken daily and your hormone doctor can walk you through the process of self-injection. Injectable Human Growth Hormone is delivered subcutaneously and injected just under the skin into the fatty tissue. Ask your hormone doctors or Human Growth Hormone specialist about the different HGH injection methods to find the one that best suits you. Injectable Human Growth Hormone pens are available for all of the HGH manufacturers like Sandoz, Pfizer, Genetech, Serono, Merck, Teva and Novo Nordisk, where you simply click the top of the pen to deliver the HGH injection dose. Learn more about HGH Injections.

Best Place to Buy HGH?

Buy HGH Online or From a Doctor

Where Can I Buy Human Growth Hormone?

How to Purchase Human Growth Hormone

Contact Optimal Health Medical to find out how you can buy HGH - or where you get HGH online - Buy HGH Injections Online, Purchase only high quality growth hormone with a prescription. The quality of somatropin produced by FDA approved HGH manufacturers helps ensure the best treatment results. You should only purchase your HGH shots from a licensed medical practitioner and US based pharmacy to assure safety and product quality. The somatropin packaging, vials and cartridges should be sealed and be obtained by prescription only. Do not buy HGH online from an anabolic steroid website or steroid shop. Contact us and we will assist you with prescribing information and provide you with accurate information on where can you buy HGH safely and legally - Where Can I Buy Human Growth Hormone?

Using Growth Hormone

HGH Uses and Abuses

Appropriate HGH Therapy Uses

  • Turner's syndrome.
  • Prader-Willi syndrome.
  • Chronic kidney insufficiency.
  • HGH deficiency or insufficiency.
  • HGH deficiency due to pituitary failure.
  • HGH deficiency causing menopause symptoms.
  • HGH deficiency causing Andropause symptoms.
  • Children born too small or lackin stature.
  • Muscle-wasting disease associated with HIV/AIDS.
  • Bowel health conditions or intestinal disease.

HGH Abuses or Inappropriate Use

  • HGH for Bodybuilding.
  • HGH for Weightlifting.
  • HGH for Professional Sports.
  • HGH for Performance Enhancement.
  • HGH for Weight Loss or Quick Weight Loss
  • HGH as a Miracle Drug for Anti-Aging

Is HGH Therapy Right for Me?

HGH Prescription and Questions about how to get it.

Using HGH for the Right Reasons. HGH has been used by Athletes, Weight conscious celebrities and Hollywood actors to stay youthful and help reverse the signs and symptoms of aging, build massive muscle or lose weight fast. While Human Growth Hormone can help build big, strong muscle and shed pounds of fat and weight, HGH is only approved for medical treatment. The fact that so many men and women are seeking out HGH to help them age gracefully, has sparked enormous interest in the Human Growth Hormone and its approved uses in HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). Many people ask their physicians how to qualify for an HGH Treatment program using bio-identical somatropin which is the genuine growth hormone.

Do I Qualify for HGH?

In order to qualify for HGH, you must have a real medical or therapeutic need. You must get a lab test which measures your IGF-1 or endogenous HGH levels to see if you hav a hormone imbalance or deficiency. You must also have a physical exam and fill out a complete medical history because taking injectable HGH is not for everyone and as with all prescription drugs, certain side effects, risk and warning come with using somatropin as well. You can read more about getting prescription HGH from your doctor in the section that discusses - How do I get a Prescription for HGH?

HGH Doctors and Clinics

How to Find HGH and Testosterone Therapy Doctors and Clinics with HGH Expertise

Learn how and where to buy HGH and Testosterone Treatments

The Best HGH Doctors are those endocrine physicians with experience testing, diagnosing and prescribing hormone medications specifically for Growth Hormone Deficiency or other endocrine disorders. Many Integrative and Regenerative Medicine, Naturopaths and Anti-Aging Medicine doctors receive special training on the use of bio-identical hormones for treating AGHD, menopause, hypotuitarism and Andropause.

Hormones like Testosterone and HGH work together for Optimal Hormonal Health.

Both HGH and testosterone work together as complementary therapies to help optimize your hormone health. Both effect the quality of life when insufficient levels are present in the body. Bio-identical or natural replacement has made a difference in many people's lives and an experienced hormone physician, age management doctor or endocrine specialist who know how to diagnose and treat hormonal deficiencies can help. Contact our medical office for more information on HRT and TRT programs in your local area. HGH Treatment Help and Resources

What to expect from using HGH?

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