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Where to get Growth Hormone Injections

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Why Use Growth Hormone Injections

How HGH Therapy Helps Improve Health and Wellness in Aging Men and Women

HGH assists in metabolism by moving calories in food towards protein synthesis and muscle building activities, and away from fat building and fat storing activities. Growth Hormone is as powerful as testosterone in stimulating protein synthesis properties that help build muscle instead of accumulating fat. Although HGH therapy with somatropin is not specifically prescribed for weight loss or bodybuilding, the effects of increasing growth hormone in the body has positive effects on building muscle and burning fatty tissue to better manage weight. In addition to testosterone, Human Growth Hormone helps increase energy, stamina, sexual desire and potency in men and women.

Obtaining HGH for Treating Hormone Imbalance. Those adults who are Growth Hormone deficient need injectable HGH to replenish lost or low HGH levels to support both bone and muscle building in the body. HGH deficient (AGHD) adults who are experiencing symptoms of menopause or andropause (the male menopause) have reduced lean muscle mass and increased fatty or adipose tissue, especially in the central abdomin or love handle area of the body. With growth hormone replacement and higher HGH levels, the more muscle mass can be built because less fat cells are being synthesized. HGH is not prescribed specifically for weight loss, athletics or anti-aging purposes but one can understand how a hormone replacement program that includes HGH injections, proper diet and exercise can result in lowering body fat and weight loss. If you are an adult with low HGH levels and want to know where to get HGH injections, contact us at Optimal Health Medical, the Human Growth Hormone Specialists.

Getting HGH Prescribed

How is Somatropin Prescribed

Your HGH doctor will prescribe your HGH therapy based on your blood test, physical exam and medical assessment to help you determine the optimal dosage of injectable HGH to take. Your hormone physician will discuss all the potential benefits and side effects of your growth hormone treatments. You can get growth hormone injections from the HGH clinic or shipped directly to your home or office from the pharmacy. To learn more about the proper somatropin dose and how to properly inject growth hormone, visit the HGH Dosage and How to Inject Somatropin sections.

Where can I get HGH Injections at the Best Price or Lowest Cost for Therapy

HGH at the Best Price - Purchase Somatropin at the Lowest Cost for Therapy

The Best Place to Get HGH. For the best quality Growth Hormone for Sale, Contact one of our HRT office locations at 1-888-763-4221 for information on How and Where to get High Quality Prescription HGH Injections Legally Online at the best price and find out how much is Human Growth Hormone. Our endocrinologists and anti-aging medicine doctors prescribe only brand name somatropin for your replacement therapy including Pfizer Genotropin, Novo Nordisk Norditropin, Eli Lilly Humatrope, Sandoz Omnitrope, EMD Serono Serostim, Merck Serono Saizen and Genentech Nutropin. You can also purchase the growth horomone injections pen devices and somatropin refill cartridges for the following HGH delivery systems:

  • Miniquick® Genotropin HGH
  • Goquick® Genotropin HGH
  • Nordipen® Norditropin HGH
  • Nordilet® Norditropin HGH
  • NordiFlex® Norditropin HGH
  • FlexPro® Norditropin HGH
  • Click.Easy® Saizen HGH
  • Cool.Click® Saizen HGH
  • One.Click® Saizen HGH
  • Omnitropen® Omnitrope HGH
  • Humatropen® Humatrope HGH
  • Nutropin AQ® Genentech HGH
For a full guide on how and where to get real growth hormone injectables, visit Get Injectable HGH Online

Using Somatropin with Testosterone, HCG or Sermorelin

Using HGH with Testosterone and HCG. Many patients use injectable GH with testosterone, Human Chorionic Gonaditropin (HCG Injections and GHRH or GH releasing agents that stimulate natural secretion such as Sermorelin injections, IGF-1 amino acids, or GHRP peptides. To ensure the success of an HGH program and to derive the long-term benefits of growth hormones or peptide releasing agents hormone doctors recommend daily injections routine of at least 1IU which comprises the amino acid sequence in the natural compound of HGH - the human growth hormone. Using this injection regimen and dosage over time, adjusting the prescribed dose as needed, your body will use the natural or bioidentical somatropin that mimics the natural growth hormone you have lost. When you are ready for a treatment program and to want to know where to buy real HGH injections, our medical office will guide you through the safe and legal ways of obtaining HGH injections and the other hormone products such as testosterone and estrogen creams, gels, pills, patches are only for sale with a valid prescription. There are many hormone deficiency symptoms real somatropin alleviates when it comes to low growth hormone levels and age related health decline. Other symptoms are caused by other deficiencies like androgen or thyroid and need supplementation with those drugs. If you have been asking where can I buy HGH and testosterone, contact an experience endocrine professional who are hormone specialists and approved physicians and anti-aging doctors who can properly answer all your HRT related questions specifically for HGH and testosterone. Find about hoe to get cypionate, enathate or propionate online at Testosterone injections for sale.

Where can I Buy Real HGH Online

The best place to buy real injectable Growth Hormone (HGH)

Order your Somatropin from a trusted source. Contact our HGH Treatment Center specializing in hormone replacement therapy to get info on where and how to order real Human Growth Hormone Injections - Getting HGH Legally. You are welcome to call one of our Hormone Therapy office locations at 1-888-763-4221. our endocrinologists can explain to you how to purchase HGH injections online and the other hormone treatments that are available for people in true need of hormone replacement therapy - bio-identical or natural HRT. Adults with growth deficiency or growth hormone syndrome are qualified bio-identical HRT such as human growth hormone (HGH) injections, testosterone injections, thyroid, DHEA, HCG and other hormones for treatment. To explore in more depth the cost of Growth Hormone Treatment, visit the HGH Pricing section. Below we discuss how to use the HGH you buy for your therapy to get the best treatment results as well as the best place to get real prescription growth hormone.

How to Use HGH

Using Human Growth Hormone the Right Way

Getting your HGH Shot Right. Once you get your somatropin shots you will need to follow the correct procedure of self-administration. Below we outline the proper use of using the HGH you receive from your doctor or pharmacy. Remember, that Somatropin or HGH is a SubQ or subcutaneous injection injected into the fatty tissue versus testosterone which is an IM or intramuscular injection. If you need more in depth information on Using HGH Injections or on even more detail than the step by step injection summary below on How To Inject Somatropin, visit the How Do I Inject HGH section.

Taking Your HGH Shot

HGH Injection Protocol and HGH Shot Instructions

When you get your Growth Hormone Injections, read this document carefully and fully prior to first administration. The following information has been prepared for safe and effective self-administration of your injectable HGH therapies.

Preparing for self-administration injections:

1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.
2. Select a well-lit, clean hard surface preferably with a mirror (e.g. Bathroom countertop).
3. Ensure you have all necessary supplies and that all packaging and wrappings are intact and there are no signs of tampering. Double check the expiration dates on all medications. Note: With Testosterone (Intramuscular injections) You will use (2) two needles: (1) one needle for drawing the HGH medication, referred to in these instructions as the “drawing needle” and (1) one needle for administration of the solution, “administration needle”.
Drawing solution into syringe:

1. Use alcohol wipes to clean the tops of the vials (HGH powder and Bacteria Static Water) – - move in one direction and use one wipe per vial.
2. Remove syringe with needle from packaging and fill syringe with an equal amount of air as the intended dose by pulling plunger back to the desired mark (i.e. If you are drawing up 2 ml’s of HGH solution, you would pull plunger to the “2” on the syringe).
3. Insert the needle straight through the rubber stopper, into the vial. If you touch the stopper with your finger clean it with a fresh alcohol wipe prior to withdrawing the growth hormone medication.
4. Turn the Growth Hormone medication vial upside down keeping the needle tip inside the liquid.
5. Inject the air into the HGH medication vial. This helps to maintain a balance of internal/external pressure when using glass vials; this also makes future medication withdrawal easier.
6. Hold the vial and syringe in one hand and slowly draw up that amount of liquid into syringe. Diagram 1 shows technique on holding vial.
7. While holding the vial upside down and maintaining drawing needle inside the vial, gently tap the side of the syringe until air bubbles rise to the top of the barrel of the syringe. Gently push the plunger to eject ONLY THE AIR BUBBLES through the needle.
8. Remove needle and syringe from vial.
9. Recap needle by placing the plastic needle cap on countertop and safely guiding the needle into the cap. This reduces the possibility of accidentally sticking yourself.

10. For Testosterone and/or IM injections remove the drawing needle and discard it in an OSHA approved Sharps container. Federal Regulations require needles and sharps objects to be disposed of in a proper bio-medical waste container. If you are missing or need sharps containers please call us immediately. Make sure to always properly dispose of all used needles.

Injecting of solution:

Keep syringes and materials clean and do not let anything touch the tip of syringe or needle. If you accidentally touch the tip or accidentally contaminate it in any way you must discard and start all over. This eliminates the possibility of infection.

1. For Testosterone or IM injections Remove fresh administration needle from packaging and inspect for any defects. Do not remove plastic cap until ready for injection.
2. Firmly twist hormone administration needle onto syringe and maintain in front of you on countertop until you are ready for administration.
3. For SUBQ injections the small insulin syringe is preloaded with needle which cannot be removed and will be used for administration.
4. Use an alcohol wipe to clean skin at the injection site; let it air dry. Throw away the wipe. NOTE: Do not use any areas in which you feel lumps, bumps, firm knots or pain. Do not use any area in which the skin is discolored, depressed, scabbed, or is broken open. If you are in doubt call your representative.
5. Remove the needle cap from the needle and gently pinch the skin together around the site (to lift it up a bit) See Diagram 2 . The best areas for injection are away from joints, nerves, bones, and other important body. Refer to last page for injection site diagram. The preferred areas for Intramuscular (IM) injections, such as Testosterone, are the gluteus maximus (buttocks) and the quadriceps muscles. The preferred area for Subcutaneous (SUBQ) injections, such as Growth Hormone and HCG is around the navel, stomach area.
6. With a swift motion stick the needle into the skin at a 90° angle for intramuscular (IM) injections and at a 45° angle for subcutaneous (SUBQ) injections. *STEP 7 is for INTRAMUSCULAR (IM) INJECTIONS ONLY! SUBQ injections Go to Step 8.
7. (IM) While needle is in the muscle pull back on the plunger slightly and look for blood inside syringe. *Rarely will there be blood but if you experience this - it just means you are near or hit a blood vessel. Immediately pull needle and syringe out and gently massage area with gauze or clean tissue. Discard the needle and Go back to Step 2 in this section and repeat after selecting another injection site.
8. Inject the medication by using a slow steady push on the plunger until the syringe is completely empty. Hold a cotton swab or gauze near the injection site.
9. Swiftly and safely remove the needle from the skin and gently massage the injection site with a dry cotton ball or gauze. 10. Immediately discard the syringe and the needle in an OSHA sharps container.
11. Maintain all supplies and HGH hormone medication in a safe place and away from the reach of children and others. Ensure proper storage of medical supplies and refrigerated medicines.
12. Once you have filled the OSHA approved sharps container to the ‘recommended fill line’ you can call your local waste management and follow local guidelines for proper disposal.

How to Get Prescribed HGH from Your Doctor? Call our medical office to discuss how to get prescribed HGH from your doctor, or to find a local doctor or HRT clinic who prescribes HGH and how to get the treatment needed to alleviate symptoms caused by hormone decline, Menopause and Andropause. Our HGH experts can guide you on how to get a doctor to prescribe Human Growth Hormone Injections and answer questions about where to get HGH Prescription online which is important if you are planning to start Human Growth Hormone Replacement program using bio-identical hormones and may be new to getting an HGH prescription from your doctor.

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