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The Truth About HGH for Weight Loss

Human Growth Hormone can help you Burn Fat, Lose Weight and Build Muscle

Weight Problems Reversed with HGH

People want to know if they can use HGH to help lose weight. Rather than dieting, an easier weight loss solution such as taking pills or injections many men and women considering taking Human Growth Hormone (HGH) eiher as pills, HGH liquid sprays or somatropin injections.

HGH Medical Studies with regards to weight loss have shown that HGH injections help with fat loss, especially adipose body fat and lean muscle gain. With proper exercise and a fitness routine HGH, Sermorelin a peptide form of growth hormone and HCG (Human Chorionic Gonaditropin Injections) can help adults struggling with obesity or who are overweight lose pounds with few to little side effects.

Using HGH for Losing Weight

HGH and Weight Loss. Growth Hormone induces decomposition of adipose tissue and reduction in your body's fatty tissue can result in weight loss, especially with a healthy change in lifestyle, exercise and nutrition. Human Growth Hormone also induces muscle cell growth so while muscle is building, the adipose fatty cell volume will be decreasing significantly over time.

Clinical studies have linked HGH injections with both fat loss and muscle gain. Although HGH is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) specifically for weight loss or muscle building, the clinical studies support the fact that Human Growth Hormone has potential benefits in adults suffering from an HGH deficiency with regards to normalizing weight and helping to restore muscle mass.

HGH and Weight Loss

HGH is produced by your pituitary gland to fuel growth and development when you are a child. In adulthood, it helps control other hormones and maintain bodily functions like tissue repair, muscle growth, brain function, energy, mood, sex drive, body temperature, glucose synthesis and metabolism.

HGH and your Metabolism. It is with the metabolic and glucose or body sugar regulation that HGH has a major role to play in keeping your weight normal. HGH is instrumental to signalling your body how and when to burn and store glucose as fat or use as fuel for energy. Growth Hormone production peaks during your teenage years when your metabolism easily handles fuel and glucose storage efficiently. HGH slowly declines with age and so does your ability to efficiently regulate fat and energy reserves through metabolism. You have heard any adults say my metabolism is slowing down. Balancing growth hormone levels helps your body use the food you eat for energy vs storing it as fat. An increased metabolism boosted by raising Igf-1 levels means increased fat loss. HGH like HCG injections therapy can cause weight loss even without exercise. Human growth hormone increases strength, promotes healthy weight gain, and promotes fat loss. The side effects of using hGH as a weight loss drug are minimal and rare.

HGH and Treating Obsity

Can Taking Growth Hormone help with Obesity?

HGH Studies have shown that obese adults have lower levels of Human Growth Hormone than normal-weight adults and when adults with an HGH deficiency are given HGH replacement, it improves body composition increasing bone mass and lean muscle mass while decreasing fat stores. Lower levels of HGH due to hormonal imbalance can result in significant increase in adipose fatty tissue and therefore boosting HGH back up into the normal range could enhance weight loss management efforts.

Muscle weighs more than fat. Another interesting fact is that initially, as you gain more muscle you could have "weight gain" because muscle tissue weighs more than fatty tissue. This is a healthy "weight gain" but over time as adipose fatty tissue is reduced your overall weight will normalize and your body composition will be healthier. Although HGH has gained a reputation as a muscle builder, it is not authorized for use specifically for Body Building or for boosting athletic performance or as an anti-aging miracle treatment drug.

History of HGH for Weight Loss Management

Interest in using HGH for weight loss stems from the famous Rudman HGH Study, a 1990 New England Journal of Medicine study that showed injections of HGH resulted in 8.8% gain in muscle mass and 14% loss in body fat without any change in diet or exercise. While some studies have shown only small amounts of fat loss of 5 to 10 lbs, other studies and case studies have shown loss of 25 to 30lbs in 3 months, with healthy life style changes.In general HGH has been shown to cause the metabolism to increase which results in the degradation of fat. In addition, cholesterol is lowered.

HGH Weight Loss Injections for Women

HGH Burns Body Fat

Fat Burning and HGH

How HGH Injections help burn fat. There is consistent improvement in this biological health parameter with a usual 10% increase in lean body mass and a 5% to 10% decrease in body fat. Fat loss was greatest in the abdominal region especially around the belly. Growth Homrone Therapy causes alterations in body composition to be reversed as lean body mass increases and adipose tissue decreases. This accounts for the fact that there may not always be an overall weight loss due to HGH therapy because of the increased muscle mass, as well as bone density.

Organ and Body System Rejuvenation with HGH Injections. Human Growth Hormone affects the regeneration of the liver, kidneys, spleen, skin and bone, and is protective against atrophy by causing re-growth of tissue.

HGH Weight Loss Case Study

Middle Aged Man Loses Weight with HGH. In one case study a 35 year old male with growth hormone deficiency lost 25 to 30lbs of fat around the mid section in 3 months incorporating life style changes using Human Growth Hormone 1IU a day, 5 days a week on and 2 days off. HGH Injections were used as part of a comprehensive Hormone Replacment program to treat symptoms due to a hormonal deficiency.

HGH Weight Loss Injections for Men

HGH Injections vs HGH Pills vs HGH Sprays

Injectable HGH is preferable to HGH pills, HGH sprays or HGH supplements as the growth hormone when injected more effectively reaches the body's system. Some HGH Hormone Releasers like Sermorelin may also be effective as Sermorelin boosts the body's own HGH production. Learn more about Sermorelin HGH Injections. HGH's affect on weight loss is different from HCG which tends to dampen your appetite. With the HCG diet, some people can lose up to 2 pounds a day. Growth hormone affects a persons metabolism in such a way that sugar - glucose synthesis is improved and burned for energy rather than stored as fat helping HGH therapy patients to lose weight and better burn off fat.

Find out where to order HGH Injections Online - Where to Order HGH Some people try to use natural HGH stimulators that come in the form of oral supplements and are comprised of amino acids that can help elevate natural growth hormone levels. You can read more about HGH stimulating pills.

Read more about HGH Treatment Programs with Bio-Identical Growth Hormone - Human Growth Hormone Treatments

Where to find Doctors who Prescribe HGH, HCG and Testosterone Injections - Doctors who prescribe HGH Injections

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The Truth About HGH for Weight Loss. Can human growth hormone help you burn fat and build muscle?

HGH Injections for Weight Loss

Many men and women are searching for HGH injections for weight loss and they often ask call weight loss centers to get information about HGH injections for weight loss. However, weight loss doctors and clinics don't normally offer HGH for losing weight. HCG injections and HCG diet plans are very common in weight loss centers but not Human Growth Hormone which is only authorized for treating hormonal deficiency in adult men and women.

One of the primary reasons people come to Optimal health Medical is for Growth Hormone Treatment as opposed to HGH injections for weight loss. Although Human Growth Hormone injections for weight loss are also effective and make it easier to build muscle and lose fat around the belly that increases as you age, HGH therapy is primarily prescribed for symptoms due to HGH deficiency. While some anti-aging doctors recommend using HGH injections for weight loss, it is normally combined with a nutrition, exercise and lifestyle change which make HGH injections most effective for weight loss in hormone deficient adults. Your hormone physician would test your HGH levels and ensure the correct HGH Injection dosage is prescribed. You can only get real HGH from a licensed doctor who specializes in and prescribes HGH Injections. You can learn more about the uses and benefits of growth hormone injections for women- HGH Injections for Women and uses and benefits of growth hormone injections for men HGH Injections for Men.

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