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How Injectable Human Growth Hormone Therapy Can Treat Menopause & Andropause Symptoms.

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HGH Human Growth Hormone Treatment has been used to treat many people experiencing symptoms due to low growth hormone levels or AGHD (Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency). Low HGH usually occurs during menopause in women and andropause in men. As hormones become imbalanced, health symptoms begin to appear.

HGH Treatment can help men and women balance their hormones in a way to help them live younger, longer and healthier lives. Growth Hormones are necessary to maintain a healthy and youthful body. Hormones decline as you age and actually cause aging to happen as you body no longer has the ability to rejuvenate its cells, tissues and organs.

HGH Human Growth hormone is responsible for growth and development of your body. As an adult it repairs, heals and maintains your body to help prevent aging. If your HGH levels are low they may need to be restored with hormone replacement. To learn more about HGH Treatments fill out the Free HGH Consultation Form or visit Optimal Health Medical at HGH Treatment.

Growth Hormone and Aging

HGH Promotes Healthy Aging

With HGH Therapy you can have balanced hormones, live younger, live longer and healthier. Hormones are life secretions and are necessary to maintain a healthy and youthful body. It was an old concept that hormones decline as we age, but research shows that declining hormones is one major reason of aging to happen. HGH Human Growth hormone, responsible for growth and development of a body, needs restoration if delayed aging is a dream. HGH Human Growth hormone therapy is, no doubt, a rescue for hormone deficiency sufferers. It has been successfully making people enjoying high quality of life through balanced hormones. Age Management Physicians, Holistic and Integrative Medicine Doctors are incorporating growth hormone, HCG and testosterone replacement therapies into their health and wellness programs. HGH injections results for those with age related hormonal imbalance and low HGH symptoms are medically proven by clinical studies as well as millions of patients who have successfully taken bio-identical somatropin therapy for treating menopause, andropause, hypotuitarism and other endocrine disorders. To see and read more about the positive effects of HGH use, visit HGH Results before and after and treatment results and pictures section online or contact our HGH Treatment Center for questions Human Growth Hormone patients are asking our doctors including Is HGH Safe, Is HGH Legal, how long does it take to see results after taking HGH injections?. If you are thinking about enrolling or qualifying for an HGH Therapy Program, take a look at HGH results week by week and month by month to see the beneficial health results you can expect after only 4 weeks or as long as 6 months of human growth hormone replacement. HGH Results Before and After and Treatment Results, Videos and Pictures

Growth Hormone Treatments

Bio-Identical HGH Therapy Programs

Restoring your HGH Levels. There are many factors involved in prescribing an HGH Treatment program. The main factor in the success of HGH therapy is the growth hormone dose and injection frequency prescribed by your physician. HGH shots are injected daily and the proper hormone treatment protocol must be followed. To further assist patients with their Growth Hormone Treatment, growth hormone therapy doctors are prescribing easily refillable HGH cartridge pens that make injecting growth hormone easy and pain-free.

HGH Information Online

If you think you may need to get treated with HGH, Human Growth Hormone, don't hesitate to call us at Optimal Health Medical 1-888-763-4221. In many cases, HGH Treatment with Human Growth Hormone replacement therapy can reverse the signs and symptoms of aging in people who are HGH deficient and use HGH properly in a physician-supervised HGH program. Below we discuss the types of injectable Human Growth Hormone you can purchase with your prescription for HGH. Purchase HGH Injections

HGH Treatment Benefits - Human Growth Hormone replacement therapy can provide many health benefits for men and women. Many of these benefits have been proven by clinical studies over time. Some of the benefits of injectable HGH in a Human Growth Hormone replacement therapy program are a reduction of weight and fatty tissue, building of new muscle, smoothing of wrinkles and an increase in facial elasticity, regeneration of internal organs, increase in bone strength and density, strengthen or balance the immune system and general anti-aging properties. In order to enroll in an HGH Treatment Program you need to get a doctor's prescription for HGH demonstrating that yo have a growth hormone deficiency that needs to be treated. Where and How to get a Doctor's HGH Prescription for Treatment

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Natural HGH Production in The Body

Natural HGH production is about 500mcg at 20 years of age, 200 mcg at 40 years of age, and 25 mcg at 80 years. As you can see growth hormone declines with age and you should consider HGH Therapy to replace lost or low HGH levels. The best place to receive HRT or hormone replacement from is a physician or clinic experienced diagnosing and treating AGHD or Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency. Many endocrinologists, age management physicians and anti-aging doctors also study integrative and regenerative medicine which helps support growth hormone medical protocols and other anti-aging treatments.

HGH Treatment for Men

Bio-identical hormone therapy for men is used to treat symptoms due to Andropause including muscle loss, bone loss, low energy, low libido, lethargy, hot flashes in men, weight gain and increased body fat or obesity. When Growth Hormone is low in men, sexual desire and prolonged erections are negatively impacted. The ability to work out and recover from exercise is impaired. Stamina, endurance and vitality dimish, hair grays, mood, memory and sleep become problematic. HGH injections for men can help, especially when used in conjuction with testosterone. For Men's HGH Therapy program details, visit the HGH Therapy for Men

HGH Treatment for Women

Bio-identical hormone therapy for women is used to treat symptoms due to menopause. Women's HGH Treatment HGH Therapy for Women.

HGH Benefits and Results

Both male and female patients report enhanced mood, improved libido, more energy, stronger muscle, reduced body fat, better sleep, relief from hot flashes and night sweats, the ability to recover from exercise and simply a better quality of life. Compare HGH Results Before and After

HGH Treatment and Age Related Disease - although HGH therapy can not reverse severe damage to already done to human proteins within the body, it ca help prevent further damage and premature aging. And while HGH therapy may not fully reverse the effects of serious cardiovascular disease, it can help improve cardiovascular health. HGH treatment also helps address the reduction of other hormones in your body because growth hormone is the master hormone that helps regulate and control many other hormones and functions in the body. If you are interested in HGH treatment, you should consult one of our hormone treatment doctors for more specific knowledge and information on human growth hormone therapies.

Where to Get HGH OnlineHGH Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement with injectable HGH can help. If you are suffering from symptoms due to menopause or andropause, hormonal imbalance or deficiency explore bio-identical growth hormone options. Call Optimal Health Medical today for more information about Human Growth Hormone Therapy treatment programs at 1-888-763-4221.

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HGH Therapy Medical Treatments are available to patients nationwide through our Physician Supervised Hormone Replacement Therapy Programs. Order HGH Injections Online.

Growth Hormone Programs and Products Online - HGH Treatment Injections

HGH Human Growth Hormone Treatments

Saizen Injectable HGH


SAIZEN® HGH [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection]. EMD Serono's popular bio-identical human growth hormone. Saizen® and Serostim is prescribed for AGHD Growth Hormone Deficiency Treatment. Comes in syringe and vial kit, Click.Easy Pen, One.Click HGH Pen and Cool.Click device. Order Saizen online with your GH prescription.

Order Saizen HGH Treatment Injections Online

Humatrope Injectable HGH


HUMATROPE® HGH [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] prescribed for growth hormone deficiency. Humatrope® is one of the original injectable HGH therapies. Comes in syringe vial kit and multiple dose pens, 6mg, 12mg, 24mg and 36mg somatropin dose sizes are available. Buy online with your HGH prescription.

Order Humatrope HGH Treatment Injections Online

Norditropin Injectable HGH


NORDITROPIN HGH [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection]. A wide Growth Hormone Injection product range. Norditropin has injectable HGH vials and auto-injector device pens - Nordipen, Nordilet, NordiFlex and FlexPro HGH pens. Buy online with your prescription.

Order Norditropin HGH Treatment Injections Online

Genotropin Injectable HGH


GENOTROPIN® HGH [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] is Pfizer's bio-identical growth hormone produced by recombinant DNA technology. Comes in syringe vial kit, Genotropens, MiniQuick HGH Single Dose, GoQuick and HGH Mixer pens. Order Genotropin Online with your prescription.

Order Genotropin HGH Treatment Injections Online

Omnitrope Injectable HGH


OMNITROPE® HGH [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] is Sandoz Novartis injectable HGH produced by recombinant DNA technology. Comes in lyophilized powder vial and syringe kit, and Omnitropens 5mg and 10mg. Purchase Omnitrope HGH Online with your prescription.

Order Omnitrope HGH Treatment Injections Online

Nutropin Injectable HGH


NUTROPIN® HGH [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] by Genentech one of the pioneers in growth hormone science. HGH produced by recombinant DNA technology comes in lyophilized powder vial and syringe kit, Nutropin Depot and Nuspin AQ pens. Order Nutropin AQ HGH Online with your GH prescription.

Order Nutropin HGH Treatment Injections Online

Tev-Tropin Injectable HGH


TEV-TROPIN® HGH [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] is Teva Pharma's GH produced by recombinant DNA technology and comes in vial and syringe kit with lyophilized HGH powder, TJet HGH pen. Order Tev-Tropin Online with your GH prescription.

Order Tev-Tropin HGH Treatment Injections Online

Get Real Injectable HGH


REAL HGH [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] is Genuine GH produced by recombinant DNA technology and comes in vial and syringe kit with lyophilized HGH powder, Injectable HGH pen. Order Real HGH Online with your GH prescription.

Order Real HGH Online

Protophin Injectable HGH


PROTOPHIN® HGH [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] is a human growth hormone produced by recombinant DNA technology by ProBioMed.

Order Protophin HGH Treatment Injections Online



The HGH.bz website discusses HGH (Human Growth Hormone), Prescriptions, Uses and Side Effects for men and women taking somatropin. Adults experiencing age related health issues are turning to a substance called human growth hormone (HGH) to resolve symptoms of HGH deficiency due to menopause or andropause. HGH is not prescribed as an Anti-Aging miracle treatment but only for FDA approved the uses of human growth hormone which as a by-products has many benefits of anti-aging therapy. The advances in Recombinant Human Growth Hormone known as somatropin rDNA has been clinically shown to treat Acquired growth hormone (GH) deficiency resulting pituitary and/or hypothalamic dysfunction. Our HRT physicians provide guidance to men and women seeking growth hormone treatment with real injectable HGH. Contact one of our local clinics near you to learn about HGH, Human Growth Hormone Therapy, get tested, a diagnosis and prescription to buy HGH injections after researching what it is, what it does as well as the potential health benefits, side effects, and positive results. Low HGH Testing


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. No claim or opinion on the HGH.BZ website is intended to be nor should it be construed to be medical advice or hormone diagnosis. Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any therapeutic program including HRT - Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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Our Growth Hormone Therapy Center can help you buy Real HGH, learn how to get prescribed HGH, and enroll in the best HGH Therapy Replacement Program. Our HRT physicians are the leaders in bio-identical hormone therapy and we offer you guidance on where to buy HGH Injections online for patients with a growth hormone deficiency. Contact our treatment clinic for more information on doctors who prescribe HGH, low hormone level testing, medical examination and pricing. Order real prescription HGH Injections Online. Get only legal HGH prescriptions from licensed hormone specialists to ensure your safety. When you buy Somatropin online you may not be sure what is real and what is simply labelled "HGH" for sales and marketing purposes but the product may not contain any hormone at all. Many search for HGH for sale online but have trouble finding a legitimate source to actually buy from. Contact one of our licensed physicians so you can purchase your treatment medications with confidence and safely. The same holds true for testosterone therapy, If you need a legal testosterone prescription, visit the info section Legal Testosterone prescription and how to get it online. This article has discussed real somatropin HGH (Human Growth Hormone), its uses, health benefits and side effects. Growth hormone and IGF-1 deficiency can be due to aging or to pituitary disorders that require medical treatment with prescription GH but somatropin is not an anti-aging miracle drug that is used for enhancing athletic performance, extreme sports, weight loss or body building purposes that use large doses of anabolic steroids for building muscle mass. The FDA has not approved the use of human growth hormone as a sports enhancer or anti-aging therapy although one of the dramatic effects of HGH use is the prevention and slowing of the aging process, and in some cases reversal of age-related signs and symptoms. You can read more about the use of HGH and Anti-Aging. Recombinant human growth hormone (rHGH) is made in a bio-identical form so the human body can use it to replenish low or lost hormone levels. All approved GH prescribed legally in the United States is a human HGH, manufactured by recombinant DNA technology. The advances in Recombinant Human Growth Hormone production make getting treatment for AGHD or GH deficiency possible. Getting Treatment for AGHD

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