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Reputable Growth Hormone Source

Patients ask, "Why is it so hard to find a trusted, reputable human growth hormone source online?" The reason is pill mill companies selling ineffective HGH pills, oral sprays and vitamin supplements claiming you can buy HGH without a prescription have littered the internet with websites selling cheap anabolic steroids and all kinds of growth hormone like products with official sounding names that include the letters HGH in them to take advantage of patients online searching for real injectable HGH. The same is true regarding testosterone injections, HCG and other hormone related products like Sermorelin Ipamorelin and IGF-1. Web pages labeled legal testosterone, get real testosterone online, where to get testosterone prescriptions online, get legit testosterone, and many other types of steroid-related phrases make finding real HGH and testosterone products that you can use safely a more difficult search job than necessary. Our hormone physicans are licensed medical practitioners in the United states and will help you get approved HCG shots, real testosterone and Sermorelin injections from US pharmacies - Injectable Testosterone for Sale

Using Real HGH vs HGH Pills and HGH Supplements

HGH Pill Products, Steroid Suppliers and Overseas Vitamin Companies

These HGH and testosterone pill companies, usually based overseas using local websites, have been working very hard online for the last 10 to 15 years to prevent you from being able to easily search for and buy high quality prescription growth hormone at reasonably low prices. Instead, they offer nothing more than herbal supplements in fancy, expensive packaging disguised as authentic growth hormone. Their ingredients are similar, and in some cases identical, to other anti-aging supplements available at any local health food store. From a medical health and safety perspective, they are deceiving patients into thinking they can get the same benefits and HGH results from a pill or spray that you can get from actual rDNA Somatropin HGH you purchase legally and safely with a doctor's prescription.

Looking for Authentic Legal GH Injections. Many patients who need genuine growth hormone may be initially fooled into using these products without realizing they have other authentic treatment options like bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Real somatropin HGH is a prescription drug dispensed by licensed medical professionals, not online HGH suppliers with body building and steroids imported from overseas claiming they are actually selling real growth hormone.

Cheap HGH Injections sold online. Low quality, cheap injectable HGH sold by China, Costa Rica, Canada and Mexico are also easy to find and buy online because they are either not somatropin GH, may be unsafe, or are mostly ineffective and subsequently, there is so much supply of it. A patient who needs real growth hormone treatment, wants to order safely and legally so they can get the full benefits of hormone optimization that has helped millions of Americans. They want to get e real prescription from a real doctor and try to buy real growth hormone online but through a licensed pharmacy, not some local website importing the best HGH from some unverified foreign supplier. If you are looking for a real HGH prescription, learn how to get real HGH prescribed by a doctor legally and safely.

What to keep in Mind when searching for HGH

* Federal law prohibits the dispensing of Recombinant HGH also known as rDNA somatropin to young body builders, athletes and individuals having no clinical need for it.

* The American Medical Association forbids the use of HGH as an athletic performance enhancer.

* Although HGH is perfectly safe it is not a health food store or anti-aging vitamin shop product; it is a powerful prescription drug medication that requires medical supervision. Learn about getting where and how you get real HGH legally - Getting Legal HGH.

* The Federal Drug Administration has approved the use of HGH as a medical treatment for hypopituitarism, and individuals with low IGF-1 blood levels, AGHD - Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency. Read more about clinical GH insufficiency in adult men and women - How to Treat Insufficient Levels of HGH Hormone. While growth hormone has anti-aging benefits providing relief from many age-related signs and symptoms, it is not an anti-aging drug. It does support healthy aging and youthful living, however it does not prevent a person from aging, read more HGH Anti-Aging.

* Individuals seeking the benefits of real GH Somatropin or HGH replacement therapy need to be nutritionally, metabolically, physically and hormonally tested, using the latest scientific breakthrough in blood diagnostics to ascertain that they actually need HGH. Blood tests that measure IGF-1 levels and reflect natural growth hormone levels are used by Endocrinologists and hormone specialists to diagnose and prescribe injectable HGH for patients with AGHD (Adult Growth Hormone deficiency). Read more about Low HGH Lab Testing HGH Blood Test

* HGH levels naturally decline with age and aging men and women will experience reduced growth hormone secretion. Anti-aging medical experts and Age Management Physicians use bio-identical HGH products to help treat menopause and Andropausal symptoms, prevent premature aging caused by hormonal imbalance, and along with other hormone optimization and anti-aging therapies reverse age-related physical and physiological decline. The use of HGH for bodybuilding, HGH for athletics or HGH for weight loss is not FDA-approved.

* If you have a medical need, our Hormone Therapy Center can help you obtain injectable HGH from doctors who prescribe it for approved purposes Before you purchase HGH injections through Internet pharmacies, anti-aging clinics, or online anabolic steroid web sites, do your research to ensure you are buying real human growth hormone or somatropin. You can also purchase HGH booster products or hormone releasing products like Sermorelin (HGH peptides), GHRP or IGF-1 injectables that help increase your body's own natural production of HGH. HGH injections are the only genuinely effective form of growth hormone for hormone replacement therapy, HGH in the form of pills and sprays are simply not clinically shown to boost HGH levels.

* Clinical studies using somatropin injections, the bio-identical form of HGH has demonstrated that it has proven potentila to increase energy and stamina, reduce body fat, build lean muscle, increase bone mineralization to strengthen bone, thicken and restore hair growth and color, strengthen the immune system, improve blood sugar synthesis, boost libido and improve sex life, enhance mood, alleviate hot flashes in men and women, improve sleep and vision, and sharpen memory. To read more about the health benefits of using HGH, read Benefits of using Human Growth Hormone


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