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HGH Anti-Aging Therapy - Replacing Growth Hormone

Fighting Age with Human Growth Hormone Replacement for AGHD

Is HGH the Fountain of Youth Drug for Men and Women with Low Growth Hormone?

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Baby Boomers Turn to Hormone Therapy to Fight Aging - Today about 70% to 80% percent of the population living today was born after 1940, and many are experiencing the rapid and premature signs of aging starting with their appearance, energy, sex drive and vitality.

Human Growth Hormone deficiency is one of the causes of age related health conditions and disease. Without sufficient levels of HGH, your body is unable to heal and repair its cells, tissues and organs as it can when you are young. HGH deficiency is characterized by decreased lean muscle and flabby muscles, increased body fat and excess weight gain or even obesity. The increase in fatty adipose tissue coupled with loss of muscle mass is a hallmark sign of growth hormone deficiency. In medical studies fatty tissue was shown to increase by as much as 6% to 10% while lean muscle mass was decreased by as much leading to a negative impact on body composition and overall health. Studies have shown that bad cholesterol or LDLs and triglyceride levels good cholesterol or HDL levels decrease as HGH levels decline. The increased in lipid levels can contribute to poor cardivascular health and coronary disease. As natural growth hormone levels decline, low energy levels, loss of stamina and strength where both bone and muscle strength is diminished can cause health symptoms that need to be corrected with hormone replacement. Read more about the medical benefits of replacing HGH.

Doctors Who Replace Lost or Low HGH

Endocrinologists and Hormone Specialists Have Experience Replacing Hormones

Age Management Physicians, Anti-Agng Doctors and Hormone Therapy Specialists can help you replace your lost levels of HGH with bio-identical Human Growth Hormone through a hormone treatment program tailored especially for your medical needs. Contact the hormone doctors here at Optimal Health Medical Hormone Centers at (888)-673-4221 to learn more about HRT (Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy>) or fill out the info request form. Our physicians have practiced and trained with Cenegenics®, Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic. Contact us to find a local HGH Clinic or Doctor near you.

"The US diet and all the chemicals in our foods and personal products is reversing all of the gains in life span we Americans have made in the last 100 years."

HGH Anti-Aging Therapy is one of the most controversial, but also one of the leading medical specialties that makes it possible to prevent and in many cases reverse the damage caused by aging. Early detection of aging dysfunctions is the first step in the prevention of aging related diseases and the best chance we have to enhance our quality of life and extending human life span.

Anti-Aging Medicine is the combination of medical science, biotechnology, life extension and life conditioning protocols. One of the most innovative treatments availabe today is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) - the process by which vital lost hormones are replaced in a prescribed medication schedule to mimic the body's natural endocrine process and restore hormones like HGH, Estrogen, Progesterone, DHEA and Testosterone to more youthful levels.

One kind of Anti-Aging HRT program is primarily comprised of two essential hormonal treatments, Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The combination of this natural hormone and steroid produced by the human body is the key to rejuvenation, regeneration, enhanced performance, vitality and wellness. Aging, wrinkles, lost sex drive, low energy, less sleep, moodiness, excessive weight gain and flabby muscles are the most evident signs that these essential elements are decreasing production in the body and causing many of the radical changes in our apperance and every day activities.

Hormonal Symptoms - some of the most pronounced physiological changes are the belly fat and accompanying quick weight gain, incredible low energy bordering on fatigue, low sex drive and loss of sexual ability, inability to recover from workouts and loss of muscle and tone, decreasing memory and focus, marked irritability and depression, inability to sleep through the night or wake up refreshed, hot flashes and night sweats - these some of the more pronounced signs of aging.

3 Steps to Slowing the Aging Process

Growth Hormone is known as the Youth Hormone because it Repairs & Heals the Body

Aging can be prevented or slowed down to a great extent with the aid of medical science and changes in our lifestyle, one the first steps is consulting with a specialist, second is diagnostic testing and third is treatment. Hormone decline can cause many symptoms of premature aging and many patients taking Human Growth Hormone have seen improvements in their skin, hair, weight, muscle, vision, mood and mental acuity. HGH also helps both men and women boost libido and for men, when taken with testosterone, growth hormone helps with sexual potency, firmer erections and erections for a a longer duration. To read in more detail about HGH and Aging, visit the Anti-Aging HGH section.

Anti-Aging Therapy with bio-identical hormones like Somatropin which is the real form of injectable HGH, offers many possibilities to men and woman who aim to achive a longer life span, quality of life and optimal performance, review this website and see which program or service best fits your needs, then contact one of our age management centers to have a consultant guide you to a path of an exeptional new life. Learn more about some of the anti-aging benefits of using Growth Hormone. HGH Anti-Aging

Injectable HGH for replacement Therapy

HGH Injectons are used by patients to restore lost Human Growth Hormone. Although there are growth hormone pills and HGH boosting supplements in the marketplace and sold over the internet, only the injectable form of human growth hormone or Somatropin is suitable for bio-identical hormone replacement.- HGH Replacement Therapy with Growth Hormone Injections

Learn how Sermorelin Injectons can help increase the amount of Human Growth Hormone in your body. - Where to Get Sermorelin HGH Injections

Growth Hormone Replacement is used by Age Management Doctors, Endocrinologists, Life Extesnion, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine Physicians to treat Andropause in Men and Menopause in Women. - HGH Replacement can Help Men with Andropause & Women with Menopause Symptoms

Advances in HGH Replacement Treatment

Recombinant rDNA Somatropin is used for Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy in Adults

AGHD or AGH, also known as Acquired Growth Hormone Deficiency results from the deterioration in function or destruction of the pituitary and hypothalamus glands requiring the replacement of endogenous or natural human growth hormone with a prescription form of the hormone to replenish or restore optimal levels in the body. Through lab testing, also known as an HGH Blood Test, diagnostic measurments and clinical signs and symtoms of GH deficiency can be formulated. For many years HGH testing and diagnoses for low levels of the hormone was well established in children with growth problems, but did not have many medical practitioners with experience evaluating adult men and women. In the last decade however, Endocrinologists, Age Management Physicians and Anti-Aging Medicine Doctors have acquired a lot of experience with HGH treatment program protocols, products and treatment success especially in adults suffering from age related hormone decline due to menopause amd andropause (men's menopause). It is now clear that acquired HGH deficiency is associated with significant changes in body composition, bone density, libido, lipid metabolism, cardiovascular and immune function, mood, sexual and physical performance. A number of medical studies have now documented the effectiveness of physician-supervised HGH replacement using low doses of Somatropin or recombinant (rDNA) Human Growth Hormone or (rhGH) in treating and even reversing the signs and symtoms of GH deficiency in adult men and women. You can read more about how HRT is formulated for males vs female patients at HGH Injections for Men and HGH Injections for Women.

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