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How much HGH does one use in their injection shot? Dosaging Information.

Typical Protocol of Injectable Human Growth Hormone - Your HGH Prescribed Dosage

Measuring the Proper HGH for Your Shots - What is the Correct Dosage of Growth Hormone?

HGH Injections Dosage for Growth Hormone Therapy

Best Injectable HGH Dosage. A typical protocol utilizing low doses taken at greater frequency has been shown to have the best effects.

Andropausal and Menopausal Women. For men and women over the age of 35, deficient in HGH and IGF-1, and showing signs and symptoms of Andropause or Menopause is approximately 1IU to 2 IU per day, with 5 days on (Monday through Friday using a single somatropin shot per day) and 2 days off (Saturday and Sunday with no usage of injectable HGH).

What is the Best time of Day to Inject Human Growth Hormone

Best time to inject HGH. Some medical research has shown the best time to take HGH injections is in the mornings, upon awakening. Other research has also shown the majority of naturally produced HGH is pulsed from the pituitary gland during REM or deep sleep at night. This has lead to further studies showing that a once a day injection at night seems to have the most beneficial effect, while some have found injections in the morning provide the best results. A third option for administration is distributed dosing splitting shots into two or three shots throughout the day. In Distributed HGH Dosing, a patients takes 2 or more injections of HGH a day. Some physicians have prescribed doses that schedule administered Human Growth Hormone injections twice daily. A typical somatropin dose is split up, once in the morning upon awakening, and once at night before going to sleep. Generally however, most typical HGH injection protocols recommend one time per day. Learn more about properly using Human Growth Hormone. Below, we discuss the actual dose of somatropin to inject.

Pre-Measured dosages and HGH Pen Cartridges

HGH Dosing. What is the recommended daily dose of growth hormone for injection? Patients want to know how to properly measure their prescribed dose of HGH and are always asking, "What dosage should I take?". Below we discuss the dosages and delivery methods used for the injection of somatropin for hormone therapy.

Single Dose and Multi-Dose HGH Pens. The Auto-Injection and Pre-measured Single and Multidose HGH Pen devices are excellent for those patients who wish to have the growth hormone either pre-measured or pre-mixed at the prescribed dose for injection. All the major, high quality FDA-approved somatropin brands offer state-of-the-art injection pen devices in a wide range of dosages. Some of the most popular ar Genotropin MiniQuick and GoQuick Pens; Saizen Click.Easy, One Click and Cool.Click which many users of Merck EMD Serono's Serostim and Saizen HGH buy. Norditropin HGH is extremely popular with the NordiFlex and FlexPro pens as is Omnitrope Pens in the 5 and 10 mg sizes. Both Humatrope and Nutropin have their pen device systems as well, Lilly Humatrope uses the Humatropens in a variety of doses and Genentech has the popular Nuspin AQ pen for injecting Nutropin HGH.

Should you have any questions regarding the correct HGH Injection dose or how to administer your growth hormone shot, don't hesitate to contact us at Optimal Health Medical Center 1-888-763-4221 To review the types of somatropin injections available for sale or to learn how to buy HGH - How to Order HGH Online Buy HGH injections safely and confidently.

We are the leading supplier of injectable Human Growth Hormone and we can help you order HGH and show you how and where to buy real HGH injections legally with your prescription. We do not suggest you buy HGH from an anabolic steroid supplier without the proper prescription or physician supervision. Buy Growth Hormone If your dosage needs to be adjusted for any reason, only an experienced hormone physician or endocrinologist has the expertise to adjust your growth hormone dosage with precision for successful treatment results. With your prescription, bio-identical somatropin is a legal, natural HGH which can be purchased online and although there are several websites that allow you to buy HGH online from overseas, health and safety are a major concern and you should purchase HGH online only from a licensed pharmacy or medical facility. Human Growth Hormone Injections Learn why you should use real HGH shots for hormone therapy.

HCG and Testosterone

Both men and women can benefits from taking HCG and testosterone along with human growth hormone especially during menopause and andropause, the male menopause. If your testosterone levels are deficient, then your doctor may also prescribe male sex hormone in the form of a pill, cream or injection to supplement your HGH therapy. The dosage prescribed for these complementary hormone treatments will depend on your current hormone levels and the optimal range your physician is targeting. To learn more about HGH for Men and HGH for Women visit the respective treatment pages, HGH Therapy for Men and HGH Therapy for WomenHGH Therapy for Women. HGH dosing is a complex formulation based on your current hormone levels, if you are a male taking HGH or a femal taking HGH, other prescription drugs or hormone treatments you are currently taking or might need prescribed. Only an experience endocrine professional or hormone specialist can recommend and prescribe the correct Growth Hormone dose for you to take. For questions about how to use injectable HGH, contact our medical treatment office for prescription and dosing information. To learn more about HCG injections and Testosterone Injections, visit the information pages at HCG and to order testosterone - Buy Testosterone.

HGH and Healthy Aging

Many patients ask: Is taking HGH healthy? There are good health reasons for taking HGH which is why it has grown to be so popular as a treatment for hormone deficiency and imbalance.

The human growth hormone, commonly called somatropin is a protein consisting of 191 amino acids. The human body naturally produces it every day through secretion of the pituitary gland located in the brain. It is then released into the bloodstream in small pulses during sleep at night when the human growth hormone is at its peak and during high-intensity exercise. Despite the fact that it is in the blood for only a few minutes, it is one of the most powerful hormones and impacts all body functions, tissues and organs. Immediately after it is secreted it is absorbed by the liver and sent throughout the body to grow, rejuvenate, repair and regenerate cells. Normal levels of HGH help the body maintain its youthful appearance by maintaining bodily functions vital for health. Its ability to grow new muscle cells, regenerate cells, reduce adipose fatty tissue, boost sex drive, enhance mood, smooth skin, improve the immune system and cardiovascular health have given human growth hormone a reputation for helping support healthy aging.

Therapeutic Human Growth Hormone Doses

Endocrinologists and anti-aging physicians set the dosages for therapy based on multiple factors. The age, weight, current hormone profile, other prescription medications being taken, whether the patient is male or female, and the desired target level of growth hormone to be reached for hormone optimization. Your current growth hormone levels are a major factor in whether you will qualify as a candidate for HGH replacement therapy


Buy the Proper HGH Dose

Ordering the Correct Dosage of Somatropin Online

Buying the proper HGH dosage. With Premixed Liquid HGH cartridges used with somatropin pen devices, measuring the correct dose for self administartion is relatively easy. However, with the HGH vial and syringe kit using lyophilized growth hormone powder and bacteriastatic water, calculating the proper HGH dose is essential for getting the best treatment results. Most patients use insulin-type syringes to inject somatropin and need to accurately calculate their dose for self-administration.

HGH and Women

Growth Hormone Doses for Women

For female HGH hormone replacement, standard therapeutic Human Growth Hormone doses will normally fall in the 1IU to 2IU per day range with many women receiving a less than 1IU per day. Why should women use HGH? Human Growth Hormone for Women in prescribed dosages of HGH properly taken can help alleviate menopausal symptoms, improve mood, bring back luster to hair, reduce wrinkles and improve a women's physique by reducing body fat and firming muscle tone. Women benefit from bio-identical HRT using real human growth hormone and is a healthier form of treatment than chemical hormones that produce unwanted side effects. Consequently, bio-identical HGH taken at the right dosages for women has proven to be safer for women to use. Your physician will Do not forget that after 20 years of age, each and every year the amount of HGH produced by the body is significantly reduced. This means that the body suffers irreversible negative effects if left to fend for itself and this is the so called process of aging. To halt the process is unrealistic, but it can be slowed down and contained, in a way pausing and rewinding old age. This is possible if your body is consistently being provided with an additional source of the components it requires. The human growth hormone is not a steroid drug or HGH pills like those sold on the internet for body building or weight loss, which are sold like the anabolic steroid testosterone.

Women taking growth hormone therapy need to carefully consider their hormonal balance. For example, as a result of taking too many anabolic steroids women can experience unwanted side effects such as facial hair growth, deepening of the voice, reduction of breast size, irregular menstrual cycle, and many more. This is not the case with HGH for women. With natural supplements of the human growth hormone the woman's body simply gets more of the amino acids that have a positive impact on the physiological and physical condition of the woman. Your doctor will carefully monitor your Human Growth Hormone doses and teach your the proper way to perform self-administration of your GH shots. The prescribed dosing may change based on new blood test results and the information it provides regarding optimal HGH levels. Adjusting high and low doses is very common in bio-identical HRT to ensure a successful treatment result and to avoid side effects. If the dose is too high there may be symptoms, if the dose is too low then results will not be as good. Because HGH is a delicate hormone substance, use and storage will affect the hormone's bio-availability and half-life so following dosing, administration and storage requirements is essential when taking growth hormone.

Endocrine specialists, Anti-Aging Doctors and Age Management Physicians already know that HGH for women is an integral part of the modern hormone therapy for woman who wants to balance her hormones to maintain a youthful lifestyle and age healthily. Our HGH Treatment Centers make sure that any woman who needs real prescription HGH treatment can legally buy real human growth hormone injections with her doctor's prescription and quickly receive only the highest quality approved products and brand name somatropin injectables from manufacturers like Pfizer Genotropin, Sandoz Omnitrope, EMD Merck Serono Saizen, Novo Nordisk, Genentech Nutropin and Eli Lilly Humatrope. Our physicians only prescribe products that have been FDA-approved and quality tested.

Get Female HRT information for women with low HGH hormone levels - HGH Replacement for Women

HGH Hormone Bio-Availability and Bio-Activity

HGH is a subcutaneous injection. When injected subcutaneously in the fatty tissue, the bio-availability of HGH is approximately 75%. When somatropin is injected intramuscularly, the bioavailability is reduced to approximately 60% to 63%. Proper storage of your GH drugs is required to ensure full potency or bio-activity. This is especially true of each doe you measure after reconstitution. Somatropin's Half-Life: When injected subcutaneously, the half-life of HGH is approximately 3.8 hours. When injected intramuscularly, the half-life of HGH is approximately 4.9 hours. While the half-life of growth hormone is short regardless of the mode of administration, keep in mind the total affects of normalizing the body's hormone levels far outlast the brief half-life. The significant and dramatic increases in IGF-1 levels brought on by the hormone's use lasts beyond the 24 hours which is why HGH is prescribed for daily daily shot administration. As for the bioavailability, you can obtain the targeted medical results with either injections method and patients are known to use somatropin as subcutaneous injections as well as intramuscular. However, the overwhelming number of patients taking injectable Human Growth Hormone take their daily doses subcutaneously which provides for a stronger concentration of the drug introduced into the body over a 24 hour period.

Doctor Prescribed Human Growth Hormone Doses

BHRT based Human Growth Hormone doses can fall within a relatively large range depending on gender, age, weight and level of deficiency. For most HRT patients, somatropin doses of 1IU to 4IU per day are very common and safe to use for replacement therapy in otherwise healthy adult men and women. With properly prescribed HGH and legal dosing, patients can receive the following potential benefits and results: Increased energy levels, larger muscle mass, reduced body fat, a boost in sex drive, ability to recover from workouts, enhanced mood and better sleep.

HGH and Men

Growth Hormone Doses for Men

In a therapeutic or clinical setting, the most common male Human Growth Hormone doses will fall in the 1-3IU per day range. Most men will, however, fall in the 2IU range for daily somatropin shots. Some men may be prescribed as much as 4IU's per day, but this is a relatively high dose many times used by athletes and body builders and such therapeutic somatropin HGH doses are rare. Very low doses taken steadily are quite common in long-term bio-identical HRT and anti-aging plans.

For men who have lowered libido and lost muscle, the enhanced stamina, endurance and exercise recovery growth hormone replacement provides helps them regain sex drive, muscle bulk and size. In addition, HGH provides men with age-related health rejuvenation, vigor and vitality, thicker hair, smoother skin, stronger bone and mineralization. If you have you HGH prescription from your doctor and need to buy the best HGH injections, visit our Buy HGH section. You must have a prescription before you purchase hormone drugs and if you have any questions regarding getting Testosterone or HGH prescribed, or the cost of growth hormone prescriptions, contact our HRT center.

Get Male HRT information for men with low HGH hormone levels - HGH Replacement for Men

Getting a Doctor's HGH Prescription

All you need to do to get a prescription from your doctor is to get a simple blood test and physical examination. You can then order your treatment medications safely and legally. We are the leading hormone treatment specialists. Our endocrine physicians specialize in bio-identical hormone replacement, bio-identical estrogen therapy, testosterone therapy, sexual dysfunction, HCG therapy, and of course HGH replacement. Getting an HGH Prescription

HGH and Women

Growth Hormone Dosage and Testosterone for Women

HGH for women is prescribed in a smaller dosage than for men and because the production of estrogen is correlated with levels of human growth hormone, a treatment program that optimizes and balances all of a women's hormones is necessary when taking hormone replacement drugs. The more estrogen a women has in her system the more growth hormone, so estrogen replacement is many times done in concert with HGH replacement. Typical HGH doses for women are 1IU to 2IU daily injected by subcutaneous shots in the fatty tissue. Women may naturally make more growth hormone than men but because they have much less testosterone do not develop muscular physiques as do men. HGH, estrogen and progesterone have help maintain healthy hair, smooth skin, and strong nails. When women go through menopause wrinkled skin, dry hair, cracked nails, bone loss, weight gain with increased body fat can cause signs of premature aging. Hormone therapy is designed to help women combat these symptoms as well as the more well-known physiological symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, headaches mood swings, depression, vaginal dryness and loss of libido.

The most proper HGH doses for women maintain a delicate balance among all hormones and bio-identical replacement therapy programs include other hormones in addition to somatropin injections like testosterone, thyroid and estrogens. Testosterone is also important for women's health, especially sexual desire and is prescribed along with estrogen, progesterone, thyroid and human growth hormone when low testosterone levels are detected. Women taking doses of testosterone report increased sexual desire and vaginal sensitivity. Your physician will write a prescription for a balanced approach to optimize your hormone levels and to alleviate any symptoms of menopause or hormonal imbalance.

Get Female HRT information for men with low HGH hormone levels - HGH Replacement for Women

Seeing results from your HGH Therapy. Patients like to know how long it will be before they see the effects of HGH therapy. To read more about the Human Growth Hormone treatment cycle and results before and after using HGH - HGH Injection Results Before and After

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