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How to Order HGH Online from Qualified Hormone Replacement Doctors with Bio-Identical HGH Treatment Experience

Finding a good HGH Doctor Online. Optimal Health Medical has Mayo Clinic®, Cleveland Clinic® and Cenegenics® trained physicians on staff with over 20 years of hormone replacement experience using Bio-Identical HGH Injections.

Age Management Doctors, Endocrinologists and Anti-Aging Physicians find that natural hormone therapy can be safer and more effective than chemical, animal-derived hormone therapy.

Our HGH Therapy Doctors are some of the best medical professionals practising Age Management, Life Extension, Longevity and Anti-Aging Medicine nationwide.

The HGH Therapy Team. Our physicians, nurses and medical technicians are some of the best HRT professionals available. Our Board Certified Medical Doctors have specific training in diagnosing HGH deficiency and prescribing bio-identical HRT programs including HGH injections, Testosterone Injections, hormone replacement therapy, Stem Cell Injections, longevity and anti-aging treatment programs. For the best HGH Therapy and Testosterone Doctors call 1-888-763-4221 or Fill out the Quick Hormone Treatment Info form to get pricing and program details.

Where to Find Doctors who prescribe HGH Injections Online for Men & Women

Optimal Health Medical doctors are Board Certified, Cenegenics® and Mayo Clinic® trained, members of the World Health Anti-Aging Medical A4M, AMMG, and Endocrine Society.

Our Doctors Listen!. Most importantly, our physicians carefully listen to you and take time to explain your therapy options, discuss the types of somatropin shots and testosterone shots available for injection, teach you the process of self-administration of medications and answer any questions you may have. You will never feel rushed.

Ready to start a Hormone Replacement Therapy Program? When you are ready to get started on a hormone therapy program, we will send you the proper medical forms in PDF format by email, please fill out a medical form and fax it to us.

Doctors who Prescribe HGH. To take prescription HGH you will need to be tested and examined. We will send you to a doctor in our Hormone Physicians Network who will give you a physical exam and draw your blood to ascertain your hormone levels and general health.

HGH Blood Level Testing. Your blood will be shipped overnight delivery to Labcorp, the largest blood analysis company in the United States. Learn more about Growth Hormone Lab Testing

Lab Test Results and Medical Assessment Your 4 page blood analysis results from the lab will be faxed to us upon completion and we will schedule your medical evaluation, and upon diagnoses of an HGH deficiency, develop a customized program for you with one of our experienced Hormone Replacement Therapy doctors.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-763-4221. We are available during normal business hours. Before contacting us, make sure you read all the information on our web site so you are knowledgeable about Testosterone and HGH, and understand the procedures you must go through to get started with an HGH Treatment program. Many GH therapy patients also require testosterone supplementation and get a prescription for androgen replacement treatment as well. The amount of GH in the bloodstream can have an impact on male sex hormone levels and vice versa. Both HGH and testosterone decline with age and present age management physicians with an additional challenge to modulating or optimizing hormonal balance using bio-identical HRT. There are physicians that specialize specifically in treating hypogonadism (Low T) or Andropause can diagnose, treat and prescribe HCG and injectable testosterone and other forms of androgen supplementation like gels, creams and patches to increase both T levels along with deficient Growth Hormone levels. Doctors who prescribe testosterone.

Why use a Growth Hormone Specialist

Using Growth Hormone Endocrine Specialists. One of the biggest advantages of visiting a hormone specialist that specializes in treating with HGH is that the dosages you take can be carefully monitored by a medical professional that recognizes signs and symptoms of very low and very high levels of hormonal imbalance. Not only can they explain to you exactly how to use somatropin but also quickly adjust the doses and prescribe any other hormones like thyroid, DHEA, estrogen or testosterone that may be needed to support your HRT program. If you wish to learn more about using GH, getting growth hormone prescribed or the proper dosages required for treatment, you can visit the Using Growth Hormone section.

We look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you with your medical needs!
The Optimal Health Medical Team

Men looking for HGH have special medical requirements and you can read about HRT for men - HGH Therapy for Men. Keep in mind, if you are an athlete or bodybuilder, a hormone physician will not prescribe somatropin shots or testosterone injections for athletic performance purposes. Likewise, women looking for HGH, especially during menopause have their own special treatment requirements and these are discussed in the HRT section for women - HGH Therapy for Women. Finding a doctor online that will prescribe HGH can be a real challenge when many of the HGH suppliers have dozens of so-called growth hormone websites selling HGH pills and supplements and even real HGH without a prescription when what you need is real, legal HGH prescribed by a licensed physician. Find Doctor's That Prescribe HGH Some people obtain injectable HGH from overseas because local doctors who prescribe it for approved treatment only, will not let them buy shots legitimately. In other cases, the physician may be a general practitioner with little to no bio-identical hormone therapy experience, and is not well acquainted with anti-aging, integrative or regenerative medicine in order to properly diagnose and prescribe HGH. Below are some of the high quality brand name growth hormones normally prescribed in a physician-supervised HRT program.

Our HGH Therapy Doctor's prescribe the Best HGH on the Market - Buy Genotropin | Buy Humatrope | Buy Nutropin | Buy Saizen | Buy Serostim | Buy Norditropin | Buy Omnitrope | Buy Tev-Tropin

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