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Questions Posed: I have heard you can buy real HGH without a prescription or buy injectable HGH in Mexico, is it safe? I noticed a lot of internet sites selling HGH as Pills and HGH Sprays, are these safe and effective? Where can I get injectable HGH legally?

I have heard you can buy HGH without a prescription or buy HGH from Mexico, China or Costa Rica, is it safe?

The short answer is NO. You cannot legally purchase real growth hormone from overseas. To learn how to get a prescription for HGH online - Buying Prescription HGH Injections Online.

HGH Suppliers. There are many people claiming to be experts on Human Growth Hormone who will illegally ship HGH, Human Growth Hormone from Mexico, Canada, China or other countries outside of the United States into the United States to people without a prescription at very cheap prices. It is not safe to get HGH in this way. Injectable steroid hormones purchased from overseas are not subject to quality control measures like HGH injections you get from a licensed pharmacy in the United States. The FDA has approved certain high quality manufacturers to produce growth hormone for injection sales in the US. This is to protect patients from inferior quality or fake HGH being sold as genuine, effective hormone shots. The FDA is strict for the benefits of patients and purchasing real HGH without a doctor's prescription is highly illegal and claiming ignorance has not prevented people who have received the HGH illegally from having huge legal bills, fines or ending up in jail. Get real HGH the proper way - we can help! To buy HGH legally call us or fill out the HGH info request form. Our endocrine specialists are licensed medical doctors with years of experience and we are the leading HGH supplier in the United States for legal prescription somatropin. Where and How to get Prescription GH.

Other people living near the southern border of the united states have driven to Mexico to get HGH shots or injections of human growth hormone and have later developed infections or hepatitis because the needles they used were repackaged as new. Others travelling to Mexico have paid money to buy diluted or fake HGH got no results or got sick. Worse, sometimes they will put small doses of heroin in the HGH shots, to make sure you come back for more. People buying HGH from China could risk lead poisoning, heavy metal poisoning or any other deadly risk from this poorly monitored source of HGH.

Getting HGH from Mexico is very dangerous, illegal and questionable, even getting it from so called self proclaimed experts on HGH who are not medical doctors is illegal. It is better to pay a little more money and play it safe, than get illegal black market HGH. Contact us at Optimal Health Medical 1-888-763-4221 when you are ready to get started on a doctor-prescribed HGH Therapy program. We offer the best HGH prices and the best quality Injectable Growth Hormone on the market.

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Where to buy real injectable HGH or Testosterone without getting it from Overseas or Black Market

The best way to obtain safe, legal injectable HGH is to visit a doctor who is licensed and able to prescribe somatropin injections for therapeutic use. There are many local physicians who treat hormone deficiency and with your doctor's prescription, you will be able to confidently purchase HGH and use it in a safe, medically supervised manner. In addition to real HGH purchases, you can order Sermorelin Acetate, IGF-1 and other supplementary hormone treatments normally prescribed along with GH as part of a bio-identical hormone treatment program. You can also get HCG therapy and legal testosterone injections online, once you have gotten a prescription for HRT - HGH or low testosterone treatment. Growth hormone can be prescribed by most endocrine, age management and anti-aging doctors. There are also naturopaths and sports medicine specialists who have anti aging-clinics where growth hormone can be prescribed. When buying HGH through your doctor get ready to get a blood test and have a physical examination to ensure you qualify to take HGH. The prices for testosterone and HGH somatropin will depend upon your treatment program. There is no need to open yourself to risks of taking HGH that is not real or some steroid hormone product you may buy for cheap on the black market or overseas HGH steroid supplier. Contact our hormone treatment facility for complete information on obtaining an legal HGH or Testosterone prescription and ask questions about how to get your meds conveniently but legally. Get only legal testosterone prescription from a licensed US-based pharmacy. We are the number one HGH supplier in the United States and offer the top brand names of injectable growth hormone for sale online. Many patients search for Genotropin especially the MiniQuick single dose pens, Omnitrope and Saizen GH including the Click Easy and One Click pens which are very popular Gh therapies. You will also find on sale Norditropin, Humatrope HGH and Tev-Tropin Injectables. We also have testosterone cypionate and enanthate injections for sale online-those who are experiencing hypogonadism or low T due to Andropause. If you are a man or women suffering from hormonal defciency or imbalance, HRT can help to dramatically improve the quality of your life. Getting a simple blood test to to accurately measure your hormone levels and determine if you have low t (hypogonadism), a thyroid condition or hypopituitarism, growth hormone deficiency, estrogen or progesterone imbalance. Hormone optimization using bio-identical can help. Read more about using growth hormone injections to treat male hormonal imbalance at Injectable HGH for Men. Read more about using HGH injections for treating menopause and female hormonal imbalance at Injectable HGH for Women

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Buying Real HGH and Testosterone Online

Buying real HGH and Testosterone injections online is not easy without proper guidance. Only genuine growth hormone and testosterone will effectively treat endocrine disorders like AGHD, Menopause, Andropause (Low T), hypotuitarism, ED (erectile dyfunction) caused by hypogonadism. Do not buy human growth hormone or testosterone from an online web site that offers HGH injections or testosterone from overseas without a prescription. Getting hormone drugs without a prescription is not the legal way of treating hormone deficiency. Our Endocrine Medical Center can help you get HGH and Testosterone prescription medications safely and legally. Buy Testosterone Online While there are many injectable steroids for sale and websites that offer you to buy injectable anabolic steroids online, only approved hormone drugs such as Somatropin HGH, HCG (Human Chorionic Gonaditropin), Sermorelin, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate ordered from a safe place like a licensed medical provider or US based pharmacy will be effective substances for therapeutic medical purposes. Online anabolic steroid websites will sell cheap HGH injections imported from Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, China and other places but you may find the HGH they supply isn't authentic somatropin and the testosterone injections and testosterone pills are not real or sold cheap online in doses are much different for those who legitimately need HGH and Testosterone Therapy for actual medical reasons. To buy real Testosterone drugs and Growth Hormone Safely Online, and to get prescribed HGH the right way, simply contact a licensed HRT clinic or physician, get tested, diagnosed and receive treatment. Growth Hormone Doctors

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Saizen HGH Injections Online


SAIZEN® HGH [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection]. EMD Serono's popular bio-identical human growth hormone. Saizen® and Serostim is prescribed for AGHD Growth Hormone Deficiency Treatment. Comes in syringe and vial kit, Click.Easy Pen, One.Click HGH Pen and Cool.Click device. Order Saizen online with your GH prescription.

Order Saizen HGH Online

Humatrope HGH Injections Online


HUMATROPE® HGH [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] prescribed for growth hormone deficiency. Humatrope® is one of the original injectable HGH therapies. Comes in syringe vial kit and multiple dose pens, 6mg, 12mg, 24mg and 36mg somatropin dose sizes are available. Buy online with your HGH prescription.

Order Humatrope HGH Online

Norditropin HGH Injections Online


NORDITROPIN HGH [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection]. A wide Growth Hormone Injection product range. Norditropin has injectable HGH vials and auto-injector device pens - Nordipen, Nordilet, NordiFlex and FlexPro HGH pens. Buy online with your prescription.

Order Norditropin HGH Online

Genotropin HGH Injections Online


GENOTROPIN® HGH [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] is Pfizer's bio-identical growth hormone produced by recombinant DNA technology. Comes in syringe vial kit, Genotropens, MiniQuick HGH Single Dose, GoQuick and HGH Mixer pens. Order Genotropin Online with your prescription.

Order Genotropin HGH Online

Omnitrope HGH Injections Online


OMNITROPE® HGH [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] is Sandoz Novartis injectable HGH produced by recombinant DNA technology. Comes in lyophilized powder vial and syringe kit, and Omnitropens 5mg and 10mg. Purchase Omnitrope HGH Online with your prescription.

Order Omnitrope HGH Online

Nutropin HGH Injections Online


NUTROPIN® HGH [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] by Genentech one of the pioneers in growth hormone science. HGH produced by recombinant DNA technology comes in lyophilized powder vial and syringe kit, Nutropin Depot and Nuspin AQ pens. Order Nutropin AQ HGH Online with your GH prescription.

Order Nutropin HGH Online

Tev-Tropin HGH Injections Online


TEV-TROPIN® HGH [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] is Teva Pharma's GH produced by recombinant DNA technology and comes in vial and syringe kit with lyophilized HGH powder, TJet HGH pen. Order Tev-Tropin Online with your GH prescription.

Order Tev-Tropin HGH Online

Protophin HGH Injections Online


BIOIDENTICAL HGH [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection] is a human growth hormone produced by recombinant DNA technology (Natural HGH)

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